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  1. I sure hope Jean won't find out!!!
  2. "Do they stop serving coffee after 6 pm?" Heck No! Available all restaurants during opening hours and at other locations throughout the ship.....:rolleyes:
  3. I can't really comment on your particular question = all I can say is that ships water is usually reasonably soft. It is acquired at various ports along your route and then, as is usual with all water on board, it goes through a softening cycle.
  4. As a former Vancouverite, I recommend that you don't attempt too much on only a limited stay. Vancouver is quite big (the 3rd largest city in Canada) and there's so much to see and do. Capilano and Grouse Mountain require time to get to and return - so there's not much time left to sightsee.... Maybe sometime in the future you could plan on a longer stay and enjoy this beautiful city.....
  5. One of the best reasons to use a Travel Agent, "Saving Money and Getting Assurance". A really good TA will have a good relationship with most Cruise lines and will be able to offer you some sort of price reduction. This is something most will simply be unable to do on their own! Secondly, and even more important, is that in the event of some sort of foul-up - they will have good contacts in cutting through red tape and finding a solution..... Find a TA and have a safe trip......:)
  6. Unless things have improved, you may want to plan on TWO trips to the consulate. We left our applications there and had to return on a second day to pick up the completed visas.....
  7. Depends on your definition of "easy"......There are taxis available both at the pier and at the hotel. Usually there is no waiting and the ride is quick and comfortable.....
  8. Sorry to say - but all coastal cruises remain out to sea by a long way - probably about 7 to 10 miles depending on what portion of the coast you're passing.....
  9. It will depend on the ship's position at sea - and the availability of a good signal. If one is available - you'll will probably hear the game. We were once off the coast in New Zealand - no broadcast but a cooperative harbormaster taped the game which we could listen to..
  10. I hope you realize that Victoria and Vancouver are two entirely different cities and are separated by a large body of water! Some people before this have asked the very same question - and were somewhat shocked to learn that one cannot drive from Vancouver to Victoria without crossing the Strait of Georgia.
  11. As someone born and raised in Canada (Vancouver) but now a US citizen living in California, I wish this subject would be put to rest.... Growing up in B.C. I was quite used to having visitors use their U.S. currency while visiting us. On the other hand, we Canadians repaid their visits by going down below the border, and our purchases were accepted by Seattle merchants with C$ - and often at par. Since then, the two currencies have no longer been equal to each other, and merchants had to accept a loss, or maybe calculate the difference and end up in an argument. Travelling to foreign places has become more commonplace, and most of us have become used to buying pounds, euros or dinars before leaving. Yet, I often read in these forums from folks who don't want to be bother with currency exchanges, and expect their home currency to be readily accepted no matter where they go....:rolleyes:
  12. We wish you all sorts of luck with your plans - and it may work out for you.... * Your only really good option is Air Canada, and what you have already found out is quite correct - there is no real service, the attendants ignore passengers and seats are jammed together.... * Alaska is a better option, but connections aren't much help to you in getting to the wedding. Alaska could get you to Burbank which is closer to Pasadena, but they do not fly to BUR non-stop from YVR. * You'll be hard pressed to make it to Pasadena as that's our worst time here in SoCal for freeway travel. You might want to consider booking a limo service to get you there. They know the traffic flows better that most, and take alternative routes to avoid traffic jams. I wish I could offer you some other option, but we live in Glendale, just a bit west of Pasadena and have made that trip from LAX many, many times.....
  13. Since you are overnighting, you can proceed to disembark anytime you would like on the second day. Indicate to the ship, that you are disembarking separately and arrange to have your luggage picked up (with indentification) the previous night. Your luggage will be placed on the dock in a separate group. Arrange for your own transportation to the airport - your flight time should be set to allow you sufficient time at BCN to check in - perhaps 10 am or later.....
  14. I realize that you ran into a "fully booked" situation when you called back in December, but frequently Vancouver hotels will simply tell you "not available" that far out. If you are still interested, I would suggest you use on on-line booking service to do a search for availability for you. "Hotwire" or "Trivago" are good possibilities, if you are not booked elsewhere.....
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