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  1. Where are you staying? There is a food court in the Riverwalk near where you board the ship. Most places have kids menus.
  2. You can take the tour down to the plantations. A swamp tour is fun if you have never done that. The Aquarium is nice and it's on the edge of the quarter. Go to the IMAX and see Hurricane of the Bayou. That is part of the Aquarium. It's a must see to understand this region and hurriances and how they affect this area. Coastal erosion is a hugh problem of us and if corrected it can stop storms like Katrina from hurting us. I would see that then take the Katrina tour. It will give you perspective. I don't know if Chalmette Battlefield is open agian yet. Where Andrew Jackson fought the last battle of the Revolutionary War and there is a military cemetery there. Also the Ursiline Convent is in the quarter. These nuns are one of the oldest in the States. They have a garden and raise herbs for local resturants. Jackson Square has serveral museums in in. The Cabildo, the Presbytre and the 1850 house. Much history on the city and the state. One of the oldest apartement complexes surrounds the square, The Pontalba.
  3. Located at Zero Duval Street. Bar on the pier. Best place to watch the sunset! Next to Mallory Square
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