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  1. Getting back now to the subject matter of this thread, Quantum of the Seas is on the move again. She has just left Manila bound for.....................Manila. Looks like another cruise around in circles again. She returns 12 March 2100hrs local time.
  2. My Royal App was saying this but I think it is a glitch. A few moments later all the sailings appeared again.
  3. The ‘self-imposed isolation’ point is very interesting. I wonder if they are waiting to see if see passes that without any outbreaks among the crew and then send the ‘clean ship and crew’ on its relocation and announce plans?
  4. Well she's just left Port Klang in the last hour. Destination is stated as Singapore ETA 0700hrs 4 March 2020. We are booked on 4 April 2020 sailing so will be the next scheduled cruise for the ship. I find it hard to believe she is just going to hang around for the next 5 weeks. Surely they must be considering repositioning?
  5. I am inclined to agree. Quantum still continues on its cruise to nowhere 🙄. She was heading SW a few hours ago but now turned NW again - just killing time by the look of it. Interesting that she sailed towards both Penang and Phuket as if to make port but then sailed on past 🤔. Someone has posted on Facebook stating RC has told them a decision on the 4 Mar sailing will happen in the next few days. If they choose to sail on the 4th then I would guess that is Quantum back on schedule for Mar/Apr, subject of course to any last minute coronavirus issues.
  6. Now heading NW from Port Klang. Perhaps the crew is getting a free cruise as a morale booster???
  7. It was a posting on the Facebook group “Quantum of the Seas”
  8. *****?? Not due in Singapore for days according to her destination info. I think we will know over the next 48 hrs what is happening i.e. heading to LA, Singapore or elsewhere. I understand they are now offering FCC for next sailing 4 Mar. I wonder if this is a phased approach to a cancellation - fill up as many cabins as possible on other cruises before ultimate cancellation.
  9. We just need to see if she leaves Port Klang tomorrow. If she is going to LA she will have to get on with it. If she sits in port for a few days it would strongly suggest she is staying in the region and as I speculated earlier, operate out of Port Klang and avoid Singapore.
  10. I too am now seeing a southerly course. So she has sailed past Port Klang, done a complete u-turn and now heading towards Port Klang. Wonder if she had to line up in a specific shipping lane?
  11. Think I read somewhere there are 3 AIS providers/networks/services out there?
  12. Cruisemapper still works. Has she now turned towards Penang?
  13. Depends where you look. Another tracker had her arriving a couple of hours ago. She is well past Port Klang now and heading elsewhere.
  14. I wonder if she is in fact going to LA but the long way through the Suez and Panama Canals i.e. across the Atlantic. If they were to go the shorter and more logical route across the Pacific, perhaps that would have involved stopping in China/Hong Kong for supplies and fuel, which I presume they would wish to avoid?
  15. Well she doesn't appear to be stopping at Port Klang despite what her destination info says. Would you really go this way to LA though if the hint on the Royal App is correct? The frustrating thing is this ship is certainly on a mission so why can't they just tell us what the grand master plan is? Are they delaying in the hope more people will cancel of their own accord so when the day of reckoning comes they have fewer refunds to provide? If they are getting a steady stream of cancellations each day, that is how the financial minds would be working. Over in the PR office, the
  16. I wouldn't be suprised if we are witnessing a covert repositioning of Quantum. She is now more than halfway to Port Klang. Other cruise lines are skipping Singapore and sailing straight past so I wonder if this is the RCI alternative to cancelling further cruises i.e. change departure port for the Mar/Apr cruises to sail north out of Port Klang stopping at Penang, Phuket, day at sea and then back to Port Klang. I believe this change would trigger curtailment clauses in guests' travel insurance so they would no longer need to give refunds - just tell guests who do not wish to accept the revi
  17. I think we have all but decided to avoid cruising for the remainder of the year. All it needs is one infected passenger and you're trapped on board in lock down for 2 weeks. That could happen ANYWHERE in the world.
  18. The 4 Mar sailing is the next scheduled Quantum of the Seas cruise following the recent cancellation of the 15th and 24th Feb cruises. We are booked on 4 Apr trip and would love to know what 4 Mar passengers are being told. Hope someone can help.
  19. I wonder if they're heading to Port Klang to park-up off shore for the next 2 weeks or if this is actually in readiness to start cruising out of here and thus avoid Singapore. We are currently booked on Quantum out of Singapore 4 Apr 2020 so watching events very closely.
  20. We have called them and they said they are working through the upcoming cruises and contacting guests. We were told they had done all cruises up to the first week of March but it will be a week to ten days before they get to ours. It must be quite a logistical exercise contacting and engaging with all these guests so I suppose we have to wait our turn, but yes, it is a little frustrating as the cruise formed only part of our holiday so we have other connecting flights and hotels to sort out once we know what is happening with our cruise.
  21. UPDATE: Well the ship does appear to be heading to Port Klang. It's just turned north west to head up the Malaysian coast. I have also found further destination information confirming a Port Klang ETA of 0330hrs on 17 Feb 2020. That means a 34.5hr trip compared to what is normally 15hr on a normal cruise. A 'steady as she goes' trip to Port Klang it appears to be then. I wonder if the ship is going to operate out of Port Klang for the next cruises and drop Singapore for the foreseeable future?? Has anyone received cruise update information for their 4 March sa
  22. Just tracking Quantum of the Seas on a cruise ship tracker. The 15 Feb 2020 and 24 Feb 2020 cruises out of Singapore have been cancelled, yet the ship has just left port with a stated destination of Port Klang (would have been enroute to Bangkok before today's cruise was cancelled). Not sure how accurate the destination information is though - I have noticed it can be wrong at times. We are booked on the 4 April 2020 sailing out of Singapore and await news from Royal Caribbean. I have been tracking the ship all week for some clues as to what may happen next. I can understand wh
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