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  1. We have gone to many a toga party on Royal in the Mediterranean. I usually bring a few clusters of rubber grapes and some faux ivy, an borrow a tablecloth or two from our waiter and stitch up a couple of costumes in our stateroom. Otherwise, they provide you with sheets on deck. We've also seen "Venetian Mask Party" following Venice, or costume parties in the fall.
  2. When in Rome, we generally pay for the ship to shuttle us to Rome proper from the port, then do our own thing. You'll have time to either visit the Vatican / St. Peter's / Trevi Fountain area, or else to head to the Forum and Colosseum. (Hard to do both justice in the time you have.) You're dropped off in a central area near St. Peter's Square. This is cheaper than a full tour, likely to have spots (they just add more buses), and allows you the freedom cited above!
  3. If you are at all worried about getting stuck in a water slide, you'll want to pay attention to your body position as you go down it. Don't splay your arms and legs out, tuck your limbs in. The idea is to reduce the drag of your body surface in order to go fairly quickly and not 'catch'. To go most quickly, no matter your body size, lay down at the top of the body slide and arch your back a tiny bit. Fold your hands over your chest, and GO! Your shoulder blades and your bum will be the main things touching the slide. Conversely, if you feel as if you're going too fast on a slide, curl your back a little to make sure it all hits the slide, spread your legs a bit and put your arms to the sides. That will give you a bit more drag and slow you down!
  4. Honestly, unless the outfits are dreadful, I'd wear them a bit and take cool photos of the rest of you in them at some pretty spot onboard or onshore - then post the heck out of the photos on social media so she can't help but see evidence of you having fun without her. Perhaps make a sign that says "Official Ugly Outfit Cruise 2018" and pose with it? Just a couple more delicious, passive aggressive suggestions for the 'bride'!
  5. I barter to go on cruises sometimes, and you find out your stateroom at the port. (Other lines other than Carnival.) A cabin is a cabin. Never noticed extra noise, or movement or anything adverse in any cabin, and believe me, you're generally on the lowest deck available. If you think you're going to have fun, you're probably going to have fun!
  6. Scrapbooking is a fun craft you can do on a cruise, leaving spaces for your cruise photos to be added later. Similarly, other paper crafts such as greeting cards, etc. Basically if you can fit it in your suitcase and it's not super messy (no clay wheels LOL), you can bring it. Never had a problem bringing scissors or craft materials in checked baggage on any plane or ship. My next cruise, I'm bringing a copy of a teen novel I wrote, and plan to finish adapting its screenplay. I don't feel like bringing a laptop this time, so a good juicy pen and a legal pad are all I'll need for hours of amusement! :*
  7. I'm guessing you're going to have a terrific time on the cruise. Sing it, dear!
  8. What a lovely thread. I too chose to spend my hard earned money on as many trips as I could manage when my kids were little. During the 2008 recession I lost the high paying job I had excelled at for 13 years, had to sell my home, and eventually had to cash in my very nice retirement account to get by until I found my current job. Guess what? I lost a lot, but still had precious memories of the times spent with my kids on cruises and land vacations around the world. My kids are now grown, but if I had to do it all over again, I'd do the same thing: spend my money creating memories, not buying a bigger house or a newer car. My daughter and I are joining my sister and niece for a cruise in 2 weeks, my 14 year niece's first one. Making more memories is our goal, and we're not so worried about what time we get to check into our cabin, or if there's a queue for the Lido, or chogs at the pool. It's a privilege to be able to travel, we make the most of every moment, and don't sweat the small stuff. At the end of your life, possessions mean very little; experiences mean a lot.
  9. We're going as the original 1950's Mouseketeers! I don't use photo sharing sites so can't post a personal photo, but we have cream colored mock turtlenecks; our names in sparkly black Disney font on the front, along with a Mickey Mouse Club patch; black pleated skirts, bobby socks and saddle shoes, like so: And of course, the requisite black mouse ear beanies!
  10. I've been on about 20 RCCL cruises, a handful of Carnival, Disney and Princess ones. If you are used to traveling on older RCCL ships, the young people in your party are likely to be blown away by the poolside movies, waterslides, ropes course, etc. on the newer Carnival ships like the Magic . I love Royal Caribbean but our next trip is on the Carnival Magic and we're so excited. (Bringing 2 younger people.) Carnival in the past has offered some lovely touches that Royal Caribbean doesn't. I haven't found a wilder party atmosphere on Carnival versus other lines (other than Princess which has a very quiet, very elderly clientele). It's always fun to try a new ship or a new cruiseline! Go for it!
  11. Can someone tell me if ALL balcony staterooms for 4 have that configuration? I much prefer that to a fold out couch bed for two as it takes up so much room. We have a balcony guarantee and would love it if the other two were bunks!
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