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  1. These were some of our treats on the Escape 🙂
  2. This was the Viva Vino list from our Dawn cruise in April. As the previous poster said, you usually find a table set up in the atrium on the first day selling this.
  3. Have done this itinerary but on the Jade. It was our favourite cruise ever! Loved it. Very relaxing. I'd just had a rather nasty fall not long before we went and was unable to walk too far. This cruise enabled us to enjoy the ports but also to relax, which was much needed! We also sailed the Dawn just this past end of April. You should have no worries about the state of her, she is a beautiful ship and in great shape. Hope that helps.
  4. Well now, I'm not a coffee drinker so didn't really pay an awful lot of attention! But I just went and checked my photos from our Dawn trip at the end of April. There was no coffee maker in or balcony cabin!! 😮
  5. Well as a previous poster suggested, I think you would have a ship full of angry women if they were prohibited! 😀😀 But thankfully it's never been an issue. I just found this..... https://www.ncl.com/uk/en/faq/guest-conduct-policy
  6. This is not actually correct! I have taken my straighteners on all 7 cruises with NCL and never had an issue. The hair dryers in the cabins are all good ones, although I have short hair so not so much of an issue for me.
  7. I agree with Keith, I've seen various Viva Vino menus over the years. Neither of those pictured above is the same as the one on our April cruise on the Dawn, although the newest one is the closest with only a few minor differences.
  8. We've sailed the Epic twice, both times the Western Med itinerary and found that lots of people dressed up for dinner. Not ballgowns and a tux, but certainly more than resort casual. I'm a casual kind of girl myself, but I enjoy looking nice for dinner and agree with Two Wheels Only who suggested dress up regardless.....it's Freestyle after all! 🙂
  9. Oh definitely this! Our cabin was on Deck 9 and we literally stumbled on the doorway leading to this area. So lovely! Loved the Dawn, great staff, easy to navigate. Enjoyed both main dining rooms for atmosphere and service. Favourite bar was O'Sheehans but also enjoyed Gatsby's for the music. Can't think of anything we disliked!
  10. Hi there, we visited Harvest Caye in April and whilst the water wasn't murky, what we DID notice was it was very difficult to walk into the sea. The sand is extremely hard and uncomfortable on bare feet. It is also very uneven and even right at the shore's edge, goes up and down badly. Then again, I have joint issues, so feel things more easily, but no, don't recall the water being murky. Enjoy your trip! 🙂
  11. We are huge fans of the Viva Vino package as I only drink wine. DH will drink beer as well, but prefers wine, so this suits us well. We recently sailed on the Dawn after a 3 year hiatus from cruising. This is the only time in 7 NCL cruises that we encountered any problems with the package. As was usual, we headed to O'Sheehans on our first evening and handed in 2 slips, 1 for a bottle of red and one for a bottle of white...DH and I drink different colours! 🙂 The barman looked at the slips and promptly gave us one back, saying he had the white, but not the red! He took the white from the fridge and brought over 2 glasses, and that was that! DH gave him a moment and when he was free, DH quietly explained he doesn't drink white and please could he have his bottle of red? Again, he was told * we don't have it*.....nothing more! DH then asked what then was the solution and was met with a shrug of the shoulders. At that point, I suppose we could have left and gone to another bar, but we were a little confused! Had things changed so much in 3 years? Did the bar staff not go and get your wine for you any more? As we were discussing this, the same barman came back to us, and said if we gave him a while, he *supposed* he could go and get the red wine. DH thanked him and waited. After about 15 minutes, the barman went off, but not before I had heard him cursing and muttering under his breath to his colleague! He came back very quickly with the red wine and literally plonked it in front of us! Not a good start! The following day, for his own understanding, DH decided to go to Guest Relations and ask what the protocol was with the Viva Vino package. He was assured that you can get your wine from any bar or restaurant on the ship and that it was indeed the staff's job to go and retrieve it. He was also told that you may also leave any unfinished wine in any bar or restaurant for the next time.....the barman in O'Sheehan's disagreed with that also! Fortunately for us, the rest of the staff in O'Sheehans were not having as bad a day as that original barman, and we had no further problems.
  12. We enjoyed both Costa Maya and Harvest Caye. Hope you do too! Happy sailing!
  13. Thank you, we had a great cruise! I totally agree with you about Richard Matic, such a lovely man and very visible around the ship. As for O'Sheehans, again, I agree, the service was slow. We only ate there on our last night and whilst we were in no rush, we definitely waited a while for our food. So much so, that the Manager noticed and chased it up! After that everything came at once....starter to share and both main dishes. Again, not a problem, we were hungry! 🙂 We didn't have to wait for drinks though, we had our own wine! 😉
  14. Thank you! We most certainly did have a great cruise!
  15. Glad you enjoyed my review, thank you. 🙂 We do indeed like to make the best of things and what we encountered by no means impacted on our enjoyment. Every other member of staff we came into contact with was extremely professional and I would agree with you that the service on the Dawn was very, very good.
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