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  1. As you are not flying till Dec, I really wouldn't worry about it right now. There is a good chance it will change another 2-3 times before then anyway. As Meg said, ATL is a pretty easy airport to navigate (unless mobility issues). I would just keep note of the original times/flights and if around Sept/Oct it is still tight and you are still concerned then I would call at that point.
  2. I'll echo what others have said. I know that Holiday inn well. It is right next to the turnpike. I used to load in the Kinder Morgan terminal next door often. Thus I used to be in that very area quite often. There is NO WAY IN HECK I would leave my vehicle there, even over night. I wouldn't even spend the night at that hotel and park my truck in the parking lot for the night. There are so many other places people have mentioned that I would stay in rather than that dump.
  3. There have been some wacky threads on CC over the years.....this one certainly ranks near the top of the list. 🤷‍♂️
  4. This. especially after paying $1500 for 3 nights in a hotel...take that money and do a 1 way car rental. Plus you would get refunded the money for the flight home that was cancelled.
  5. Well your thing say Texas thus why I assumed you were leaving form there. Another option grab a hotel Friday night near the airport and start your vacation a day earlier and you won't have to get up at 3am.
  6. or bring some flavor packets and a water bottle to make your own flavored water.
  7. haha. After 13.1 miles all I wanted was to sit by the pool with a cold beer. But, they have 2 courses and the "north" course does boast that you get to see the space center on the run....I did the south course as it has a longer time limit and the folks that live along the course give you free food and beverages while you are running. Nothing like a shot of whiskey at 7am 😬
  8. Unless flying first class with lie flat seats than a red eye is out of the question. But this is really not that big of a deal. Its only 90 min earlier and while you don't say when or from where in TX you are starting there is a chance it might change again. You are seriously over thinking this. If it changed form 7:30am to 3pm then that's an issue...but 90 min earlier is just a bonus as you will be in FL earlier.
  9. and the really sad part is you can just about see the space center form the port. It's really not that far. I was there in Nov for the Space coast half marathon and didn't realize how close everything was/is.
  10. If you are flying in the day before and depending on what time then EWR is a viable option. Depending on where you are flying from EWR will most likely have many more flight options. You can just take the train into Manhattan and spend the night there and experience it then grab a cab/uber to the port the next morning. Just another option to consider.
  11. 9hrs vs 6hrs...day vs night. 9hrs in the daytime would be an easy choice for me.
  12. They probably prefer to be called Pilots not guides. 😉
  13. #2 the train. (either PATH or NJ Transit).
  14. What time is your flight? There are a million things to do here, but without knowing your interests its hard to suggest stuff. Unless you are planning on staying downtown you will need transportation to get to most things and with luggage that complicates things. You might be better off (depending on how may people, how much luggage and flight time) renting a car from the airport and visiting someplace.
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