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  1. Apples and oranges. You friend flew to Peru and tried to enter the county thus the 6 month rule. Sailing from a US port and back is a different as others have said.
  2. That certainly tosses a wrench (and a very valid one at that) into my suggestion. I can understand why not heading home for a couple days is not a good (for lack of a better term) option.
  3. You might make it you might not. A lot depends on where and what type of aircraft you are flying in from and on and out on/to. If you are arriving on a regional jet into terminal B and out on a mainline from terminal C, for example, then you might not make it. But if you are doing both in Terminal B or C then your chances of making it increase. I lived in Houston for 20 years and flew in/out of IAH many times (thankfully never had to connect as i was either starting or ending my trip there) and while not the worst laid out airport, it certainly wasn't one of the most efficient in my useless opinion.
  4. The NJ/NYC area is nothing like FL, especially if you have never driven around the area before. You also need to add in the cost of tolls to your $350 total and god help you if you miss your exit and have to try and find your way back. Plus, traffic on the bridges and tunnels and be at a standstill and the highways....well..... The option of a car service would certainly be the best option. It may be a bit more $$ but your stress level will be much lower when you leave the driving up there to folks who do it everyday and know exactly where they are going and can take alternate routes if needed.
  5. Good deal. I torture myself sometimes reading the SFGate online and the articles (and especially the reader comments) make it sound like the end of the world at SFO right now. 🙄
  6. Keep this in mind.....the location of HI pretty much limits where she can be dry docked at. HI is about a 5-7 day sail from anywhere so if they are only cancelling 1 or 2 sailings then that means she is going to be docked in HI and after a quick scan with google maps the only docks I see large enough are at Pear Harbor Naval Shipyard...and the Navy will have priority there. So a slot might have just opened up and they had no choice but to take it.
  7. I'd just leave it alone and stay with what you have and stop looking at prices. The risk of getting a bad (noisy) cabin isn't worth the small financial reward in my opinion. Now, if it was half the price instead of $50 then that would be whole different kettle of fish.
  8. This is the most likely answer. Plus, maybe some minor maintenance, repairs or upgrades or training they can do while underway for those few days. (Just pure speculation on my part with this)
  9. As Noxequifans said if you were already in Manhattan then the choice would be easy as they pointed out. But as you are arriving in NJ....I would probably just be one of the last off the ship then head to the airport. Security can be a bit long sometimes and you really don't have much time to sightsee before your flight. I would just get to EWR and check in and then find a nice place to relax and grab a bite to eat. By the time you get to the airport, checked in and through security the remaining time will go pretty quickly.
  10. Nice. I wonder if they have reduced the daily trips from between SFO-IAD and consolidated to larger aircraft to try and lessen the effects of the runway work at SFO.
  11. I'd just rent a car and drive home. Probably end up being cheaper, two days rental vs 2 nights in a hotel.
  12. That had to have been painful. Especially for the folks who might have lost their seats up front. 😳
  13. That's a major win. They must have needed that bird on the east coast for some reason and looks like you hit the lottery. 😬
  14. I really would not worry about it. Whenever I travel and bring my laptop I just toss it in either a drawer or my suitcase when I'm away from my room/cabin. Not really for security, but mostly just so housekeeping/cabin steward doesn't accidentally knock it off or spill something on it and making it a bit easier to clean the desk or table. Plus any power cords are not in the way when vacuuming.
  15. I did a Pompeii and Mt Vesuvius one. Very much enjoyed it. (I know not exactly what you are asking)
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