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  1. I went through the on-line form process from Costco last week, never received any type of confirmation e-mail from them?? Did you receive one quickly or did it take some time before you received your email from Costco. I canceled an August 7th Alaska cruise, have not paid the final payment and wondering if my deposit will end up as a FCC (whenever it gets processed)? I have checked the Costco Travel Website and the information for my booking has been removed, but since I haven't heard anything from Costco Travel as yet am concerned. (I do hope I did not enter the email address incorrectly when submitting the form). Any others that may have information I'd appreciate it.
  2. Canada concerned me the other day as I was viewing Flightradar24, it showed 5 passenger flights arriving from China. I'm terribly surprised that Vancouver has not become a hot spot.
  3. That's exactly what I am trying to find out for good friends which were on this cruise. They are not active on CC, but I am. So if anyone gets information about the crew members affected and their duty stations, that would be great!
  4. Having very good friends that just arrived back to their ranch outside Austin, I reached out to see how they were doing. They are feeling fine and self quarantining (glad they are a bit remote). Is there any information on which positions those crew members that have contracted the virus worked?
  5. Manta has an International Airport the the US Government spent money to improved during the 2000's. It was the Southern DEA / US Airforce Location. Sadly the former Ecuadorian Government under Correa (A Chavista) wanted it closed, and it did as they did not renew the lease. But it's a great airport and would have been a great Airport to have Charter flights from (especially for the Canadian Citizens).
  6. It is so cool, we sailed on the Radiance down the coast a few years ago and every day in that Southern Part of the Ocean our escorts were amazing!! Hope you get to see some whale activity as well!!
  7. Interesting...Here's a pic of the ship sailing away and here's the track back to Valpo.
  8. Sloooow. It's wild to see both H Town and ATex with little traffic. SXSW was big blow, then closing the bars/restaurants, ugh!
  9. The Pilot boat is next to the Eclipse the morning, let's hope she'll be underway soon.
  10. Also: There is a "Families of the Celebrity Eclipse" FB page. If you are on the ship or want to help loved one's keep in touch with someone on the ship.
  11. Here's your ship pic for the afternoon! Great weather and dangit Valparaiso is so beautiful .. if you could only see it. This was from the Azmara!
  12. Just saw that on Marine Traffic, Hey if you see this one roaming around the ship, tell him hello for us - looks like the weather at present is cooperating!
  13. View from Eclipse this morning.
  14. Here's an update from my friend this morning. Eclipse has anchored in Valparaiso to drop Chilean PAX off, refuel and Provision. They then will set sail for San Diego. The passage should take 14 days which will give them the required quarantine time when disembarking from the ship. The Azmara Pursuit is just off the coast as well, and was supposed to head to Miami to drop PAX (same quarantine period), but the last location shows it turned around (another friend is on that ship). It was indicated that the Captain wanted to get in one more excursion - so through the canal they go! Will keep you posted when I get another update. Here's a pic of the Eclipse at sea yesterday (taken from the Azmara Pursuit).
  15. An Update from a friend regarding provisioning this a.m. "not yet. They are still trying get permission to disembark in Chile. The Captain said yesterday that we had permission to go to the dock for provisions but we haven’t done that yet."
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