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  1. I'm not going to totally disagree with this post. I too was on the cruise, and even pushing 60 I felt that I skewed the age down. That being said, there were a few oldens that really did have fun! (the guy with the cane, that was amazingly agile on the dance floor - really grooving). The Martini bar was packed every night and that's where I really noticed the age difference, but hey didn't bother me - everyone was having a good time and the drinks were good! I will also agree with the Sushi Restaurant and wish more would try it (it's not all raw fish). We used the special and pigged out! The service was fantastic and the Sushi, etc was very good! Really, really loved the Silent Disco - that was epic!
  2. On the same cruise, haven't heard squat. Actually since we first booked the price of a Verandah has gone lower, but it didn't come with as many perks or the best deal. Hey if they sail on 6/1 with a 1/4 complete ship, wonder if we'll all get a few perks out of the deal...likely not, but one can hope.
  3. Heck I'm on the June 1st Sailing - I just hope a ship shows up.
  4. I'll be on the June 1st Sailing (first post Revolution). I will try to post info and pics during the cruise. Will be in Veranda on Deck 7.
  5. Definitely recommend Lobster Pot Divers. Did a 2 tank with them while on a Royal Cruise a year ago, great group, they had a couple of check divers on that dive and they loved it - did a great job.
  6. That's true, I get the kind that have the plug that folds into the device itself, just looks like some bulky item at that point. Haven't had a problem as yet, but one never knows!
  7. I too use a c-pap and I just bring a 2 grounded outlet with 2 usb ports. They are plentiful and can be found on Amazon as well at HD and Lowes. Multiple ways to keep all your devices charged and in good order on a cruise.
  8. My wife and I exclusively cruise on Royal, but a couple of years ago did our first Celebrity sailing on the Silhouette. Really appreciated that our Diamond status carried over to Elite Status in the Captains Club. I thoroughly enjoyed my cruising experience on Celebrity - more laid back (can't really discuss the kids issue since it was early February). Found the food better in the MDR than Luminae (although enjoyed the privacy and quiet of Luminae). My wife wasn't as impressed and still prefers Royal, but it's a nice trade off and welcome change from Royal, but not one that will make me ditch Royal altogether. There are pluses and minuses to both. Have Fun!
  9. We'll be on the same cruise, just wondering did you get the cruise specific insurance from the Cruise Line or from an outside agency? I think everything should be fine, but just...in case!
  10. Just Booked the 6/1/2019 Sailing on the Equinox, which should be post drydock. Will the Cruise Line let us know well enough in advance if they need to cancel the cruise and if they do what will they do for PAX to get on other sailings and/or will they offer some type of OBC if there will still be work going on during the cruise?
  11. We appreciate your kind words and, as someone that grew up in Houston that now lives in Austin, I laughed about the infrastructure work on the Highway for extra traffic and it's not at you - but at the situation - if there isn't any construction on the Gulf Freeway (what it's called) then I'll thing somethings wrong! For many of us from the Houston area that freeway has never really been completed as there has been construction on it since 1967! We've had a beach house on Galveston since the early 70's, good or bad I'm glad that the investment is being made on the island, it benefits a lot of people down there.
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