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  1. I get a kick out of all these abbreviations. When they say DD it could also refer to Dizzy Daughter or Drunken Husband for DH. Just like the contestants on Wheel of Fortune. They are always married to a wonderful husband/wife and have beautiful and fantastic children. I can't figure out where they find all these WONDERFUL people. These must have just come from a cruise and still in a state of euphoria.
  2. Congratulations on your upgrade. We got the same call for our upcoming cruise on Monday on the Navigator. I hope you are as excited as we were. We had always booked a JS on the Voyager class before but decided to go with a regular balcony due to the big price difference but ended up getting it anyway.
  3. I have never been able to notice whether the ship is completely full or half full. It always seems the same to me and doesn't bother me. Now if it is a full airplane, I notice and it bothers me.
  4. If you have time in St. Croix take the trip to Buck Island. Best snorkeling of anywhere.
  5. We had our luggage tags in a matter of days and then we were upgraded. I went back online and re-ordered and once again they were here in like 3 days. Couldn't believe how fast the response was.
  6. I would personally give it to the person who you want to receive it.
  7. Ican't remember if it was on a Ceebrity cruise in a suite or on NCL in a suite but one of them had a scale in the bathroom. Needless to say that was an item that was NEVER used.
  8. When I first started cruising I avoided Carnival like the plague. After my first cruise with Carnival I still tried to avoid them in the future. But as luck would have it, I took several more Carnival cruises because I wanted to go with friends and I must say that Carnival has improved immensely. Their food is just as good if not better than RCI. RCI still has better service and better looking ships on the inside. I definetely would sail Carnival again but still prefer RCI if I have a choice and money is no different or just a little different. If I had your options, I would go with Carnival.
  9. This is probably a stupid question and it really doesn't matter because who goes on a cruise to watch TV but we are in a Junior Suite on an upcoming cruise and wondered if it is a flat panel TV or one of the older models. Anyone recently off the Navigator in a JS and can answer this? Thanks.
  10. I am Diamond and about 1/2 way to Diamond Plus and usually do go in a suite because we usually travel in a large group and do a lot of entertaining. Since it was just the two of us we decided to book an aft baclony. What makes this nice is my sister just lost her husband in November after a long illness and I had been flying back there quite a bit so now we get to go and enjoy ourselves.
  11. Just got a call from the C&A desk asking if I would like a complimentary upgrade from our E1 aft (NOS 4/4/11) to a JS. Hate to give up the aft balcony but am really happy for the extra space. First time my sister and I are sailing with just the two of us so are off to a good start.
  12. My hat is off to you for holding it together as well as you did. To me, this would have been the cruise from hell but you still managed to find some silver linings in the midst of the perfect storm. You just got dealt all the bad cards in the deck at one time so it is only fair that the good cards start flying your way now. You deserve some good karma at this time.
  13. We are doing the 5 night on the NOS to Falmouth and Labadee and would also appreciate seeing the COMPASS for this cruise. We are in the same boat....MTD and need to make reservations.
  14. We met a couple on a cruise about 8 years ago and have become more like family than friends. We talk on the phone on a daily basis and try to visit each other as much as possible. We have taken several cruises together, some land trips and visit each other in our homes. Too bad we are about 4 hours apart. We really wish they lived much closer. Other people we have met he have kept in contact with but not nearly as much as this "special" couple.
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