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  1. We have the summit booked for Dec 12, 2020 and I have been watching it online for a deal so I could add our zone to the room and bring him with us. This week I get an error if I try to price it. First I thought it was a website issue but I can book any cruise that isn’t the summit.... we will wait and see what they change I guess.
  2. I have been getting a message all day saying can’t find an internet connection..... although I do have one.
  3. Thanks for the ideas! As far as the patch goes, we make take a box as a just in case she is sick but we want to try the other suggestions on here. If nothing really helped then we would stop cruising and just stick with land vacations but we both enjoy the cruising experience.
  4. That seems to be what my wife suffered with last time although we thought it was from the patch, perhaps not but it sounds like there are some other good options.
  5. These are some great suggestions!! Thanks everyone for the input. Good to know many of you prone motion sickness have found ways to mitigate the symptoms with out the patch. We are cruising next year so we will give some of these suggestions a try. Devin
  6. Hi all i have been away from the forum for a while but I was hoping to get a little advice. My wife and I have been on 8 cruises over the years, my wife gets motion sick quite easily so she has always worn the patch behind her ear and it’s worked great. Last year we took a cruise for 12 days, a couple days after disembarking my wife became very ill, nauseated, dizzy, headache, it was like she was sea sick on land. Our doctor said she was likely having withdrawal side effects from the patch, he suggested she try something else in future. My wife isn’t sure what to try, and she i
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