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  1. We have the summit booked for Dec 12, 2020 and I have been watching it online for a deal so I could add our zone to the room and bring him with us.  This week I get an error if I try to price it.  First I thought it was a website issue but I can book any cruise that isn’t the summit.... we will wait and see what they change I guess.

  2. On 12/1/2019 at 7:25 AM, Slugsta said:

    OP, I'm sorry your wife can no longer use the patches. I get seasickness badly and have tired various tablets, seabands, motionease, ginger etc with no effect. If I had to stop using the patches, I would probably have to stop cruising 😞


    There are now several types of glasses that are being sold to prevent/treat motion-sickness. One kind look very strange, the others look more like ordinary sunglasses. They might be worth a try if your wife is still struggling to find anything that works well for her.


    16 hours ago, Steelers0854 said:

    Highly recommend acupuncture. I know it sounds odd, but DW got very motion sick, even riding in a car.  On a Princess cruise maybe 8 years ago now she had 3 acupuncture treatments for her motion sickness.  Now, not only does she never get sick riding in car but she also doesn’t get sick on a cruise ship any longer.  YMMV, but it was a great solution for her.

    Thanks for the ideas!  As far as the patch goes, we make take a box as a just in case she is sick but we want to try the other suggestions on here.  If nothing really helped then we would stop cruising and just stick with land vacations but we both enjoy the cruising experience.

  3. Hi all


    i have been away from the forum for a while but I was hoping to get a little advice.  My wife and I have been on 8 cruises over the years, my wife gets motion sick quite easily so she has always worn the patch behind her ear and it’s worked great.  Last year we took a cruise for 12 days, a couple days after disembarking my wife became very ill, nauseated, dizzy, headache, it was like she was sea sick on land.  Our doctor said she was likely having withdrawal side effects from the patch, he suggested she try something else in future.  My wife isn’t sure what to try, and she is nervous about being sea sick without the patch but also doesn’t want to get sick from wearing it.  Has anyone else gone through something like this?  We don’t want to give up cruising but my wife certainly doesn’t want to be sick on vacation nor does she want to deal with side effects after the trip.  


    Thanks for the help.



  4. 9 hours ago, Barwick Cruiser said:

    Thanks, Dawg, and I'm sorry you're getting the runaround on this.  We also paid in Cdn$ and I didn't see an option to upgrade on the cruise planner but when I called the Captains Club the price she gave me was the lesser one....I even confirmed it included the 18% service charge so as not to be surprised with a higher final charge to my credit card.   Very frustrating isn't it when two people get charged differently for basically the same thing.  And yes, I agree that it's not really the difference in cost but the principal that's the most annoying.


    Thanks Cathy 😊 


    I sent an email to them today but otherwise i am not going to spend anymore time on it.  I love the cruises on Celebrity so I don't want to worry too much.  I should have just paid the price and forgot about it 😂.  Maybe they count on that.


    have a good cruise!!😊

  5. 5 hours ago, Barwick Cruiser said:

    I'm very interested to hear what they say too.  I'd have thought that a 12 and a 14 night cruise would be treated similarly.  Shouldn't depend on who you get on the phone but this is Celebrity lol!!  Good luck!!


    Well, I called the Captains Club, it was my first time calling them, they were not able to answer my question.  Our drink upgrade cost is based on $ 14.00 US per day where as many others are based on      $ 10 US per day.  We are booked in Canadian funds so there is a conversion but our 30 % off is based on $ 4 per day more.... she could not explain it and she couldn't change it either... it's frustrating, over all it's not that much money but still is annoying.  Anyways I said I would report back...

  6. Hi everyone, we are a family of four and we want to go to Mero beach, the cruise has an excursion but we are thinking of booking on our own, the info is just limited and rates are all over the map.  Does anyone no the approximate cost for round trip in a taxi ?  I see rates ranging from $ 5 dollars pp each way to $40 pp round trip, trying to get a sense of what to expect.  


    Thanks everyone.




  7. Well, I am not please to hear these stories either but for what it's worth, we used Spencer to go to Sugar Beach in 2014, 2015 and most recently last December 2017. We have been planning on booking this coming December as well as we always liked it. I am not sure now...

  8. I was just on the Eclipse and switched from Classic Alcohol to Premium Non Alcohol for no charge. On three previous cruises I was told it wasn't possible and I had to upgrade to premium alcohol just so I could have the sparkling water for $ 10 per day. This time the fellow at guest services just said sure no problem and down graded me. So I think it just depends who you get to speak to. Good luck!!

  9. This must be only on some sailings?? as mine has not changed at all and I did not see anything about nonrefundable deposit on my booking for next November. Price the same and I even went through the motions of booking again to see if that came up anywhere and nope nothing.


    I've seen reference to this in other threads too and thought maybe they were referring to something yet to be implemented. Interesting ....


    I will add that I am booking from Canadian version of their site, maybe that is the difference and it doesn't happen for us yet. ???


    I am from Canada and don't see it either. Maybe the roll out is taking a bit longer....

  10. Yes the sand was very nice. Since there was a private event going on there were a lot of chairs and other items set up that was taking up lots of the sand. But the sand was soft and clean. And the water is shallow and the current was very light. But he sure to make reservations online.




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    Thanks for the tips Paul. Glad you and Edward are having such a wonderful time. 😊

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    Sunday November 26: first dinner at Moonlight Sonata 2nd seating. Comparing to our previous cruises with the Equinox, quality down a notch. No Evian or San Pellegrino at the restaurant and Passport Bar.


    Oh, I hope they have it for you the rest of the nights we love our San pelligrino with dinner on board!! We come on the next sailing. 😊

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