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  1. I am being civil. Just want to know why, when most countries experiencing rapid growth of COVID cases are issuing stay at home orders and lots of cruise lines are stopping cruises, people still want to pay good money to go on a floating Petrie dish.
  2. Why don’t you all just do the prudent thing and just stay home. I’m continuing shocked when people go on cruises recently and then are surprised when they aren’t allowed to dock in ports. Stay home until this is over!!!
  3. We just returned from 10 days on the Crown. This was our 3rd princess cruise, first on the Crown. We had a great cruise!! Great staff, good food, beautiful ship and lovely fellow passengers. We have cruised numerous cruise lines and the only ones we would not return to are Costa and NCL. We will definitely cruise Princess again. No, it’s not Regent or Paul Gauguin but we didn’t book Princess expecting to have those experiences again. We were very pleased with the Princess experience.
  4. We never travel out of the country without insurance. I always buy it through a 3rd party and always choose it as the primary payor. I usually go to the SquareMouth site to choose the insurance that will fit my trip. You can compare different insurance products and use the various filters to find one that best suits you.
  5. Thank you for doing this. We will be on the Crown next week. Can’t wait... our first time on her. What did you end up doing in St Thomas? We have been there a few times before and have usually gone to St Johns to snorkel. I think there will be 3 ships in port with us this time so I’m thinking the beaches might be a tad crowded. Thanks in advance for your reply.
  6. Thank you for posting. My husband and I both found it fascinating. We board her on Oct 28. Getting excited!!
  7. Hi. There are a lot of us on cruise critic who love your reviews. Have you done any recently from any cruise line. As a former Alberta who now lives in Florida I love to follow Canadian reviews. I also have quite a few first responders in my family so am always thankful for your service to your country and community
  8. Seriously?? Be thankful that your Mom is giving you this fabulous gift. You and your husband get time alone on a cruise while she takes the kids. Use the room for sleeping or whatever and spend some adult time with your husband. And perhaps treat her to a fabulous dinner.
  9. Hello. I’ve just read your review. I hope everything starts to heal properly and you get the proper medical care that you need. We took our first NCL cruise on the Breakaway in April. We have cruised extensively on other lines but wanted to give NCL a try. I must say, we won’t be going again. We found a lot of the same issues that you did. We found the ship very dark and crowded but the worst thing for us is that the smoke from the casino wafted everywhere. I also thought the crew, who worked very hard seemed a bit demoralized. They weren’t unfriendly by any means just didn’t seem to be very happy. It was just a weird cruise for us.
  10. We have been on many different cruise lines and we have had some really fun ones on Carnival. We are not big drinkers or party people and still found lots to do on carnival.
  11. Also, my husband REALLY wants to watch the Stanley Cup Finals. Any chance that it will be broadcast on board??
  12. we Leave Sunday for our first NCL cruise. We are on the Breakaway. We are planning on boarding around 1:00. Is there a place to go for lunch other than the Buffet? Also, do the 3 dining rooms ( complementary)have different menus or all the same menu?
  13. Sorry!! Don’t quite know how I did the double post 😏
  14. Does anyone know which pier the Breakaway docks at in Cozumel.
  15. We leave Sunday on the Breakaway. I’ve printed out all of my cruise docs except luggage tags. When I try to log in to do that it seems the sight is down. What do I do? Can I show up at the port without my luggage tagged???
  16. Thank you for the replies. I can just relax about this and finish my packing.
  17. We leave Sunday on the Breakaway. I’ve printed out all of my cruise docs except luggage tags. When I try to log in to do that it seems the site is down. What do I do? Can I show up at the port without my luggage tagged???
  18. Thank you so much. I will check it out.
  19. Can you please tell me where to go to find out how many ships will be in port on the week that we are cruising. I think I remember that there is a site you can go to. Will be on NCL breakaway June 9-16 2019. Thanks
  20. I’m sure you mean nothing but kindness with the offer but how would the crew member be able to say no if they didn’t want to go. I think you are putting them in an awkward position.
  21. I just finished reading your Alaska report and loved it! So happy to find this one. Love your writing style and the fact that you make me laugh out loud!!
  22. Thanks for the helpful info everyone
  23. Thanks so much everyone!! I have booked 2 of the shows ahead of time but didn't see where to book for the comedy clubs. Where do I go once onboard to book those?
  24. We are also new to NCL. We have been on a lot of other cruise lines and I have never had a bad cruise but would like to know what to do on the Breakaway. any info will be most welcome.
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