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    A hot one!

    What are the benefits of concierge rooms?

    Yes but ask them to provide crackers also, as ours turned up without!

    Better ship/customer service Celebrity or Disney?

    I think this is the one thing they don't always do as well as the could, there were tons of kids in and out of the adult areas both of the Dream and Fantasy, nobody enforcing it either but mind you the parents should know better. I do like both lines though.

    Just off Eclipse 14 day Southern Caribbean

    We were on the same cruise, it was sold out way before it sailed. I have to say I did see empty loungers at various times throughout the days and also in the solarium. Truthfully though we never bothered as we lounged on the balcony plus have our own pool at home so no real wish to be packed in like sardines;). The worse thing was finding somewhere to sit in the buffet if you were not up at the crack of dawn. Never had a problem with Select dining either despite the horror stories on here as we pre booked before we sailed and were seated almost immediately every night in the same section with same waiters, who we had requested after top notch service the first night.

    Massage on Celebrity Reflections, is it worth the $?

    I am also a LMT with my own spa but I know I just wouldn't be able to relax for many reasons in the ships spa so I have a ton of treatments incl massage a couple of days before I go and then another massage when I get back. You could tell them you are in the field, don't need any up sell and need to relax and see what transpires, just be prepared for the hefty bill at the end!:D. I watched a massage on the beach when we were in St Kitts recently and it was so poor and the therapist was talking to everyone walking by trying to drum up next customer. The massage itself was lazy and more like rubbing sun oil in, well actually she had an aloe leaf so was just slopping the gloop on and rubbing it in against actual massage.

    No Class :(

    I though the Concierge lunch was fine, it also beats fighting for a seat in the buffet that 1st day. Footstools and location of CC are also a bonus as well as the points you mention. It depends on price and what is on offer, we recently sailed for 14 nights on exotic southern carib and had all 4 perks with CC so no brainer to book that class but I wouldn't pay a ton more and would still have enjoyed myself regardless of class of cabin.

    What are the benefits of concierge rooms?

    Swap the canapes (yes they are awful) for a cheese platter or some other munchies if you want a snack in the afternoon, we did exactly that.
  7. I do like both but would probably go with X mainly due to itinerary and more "sophisticated" feel. I only choose balconies and the DCL family deluxe staterooms are very good but we had a nice Concierge balcony stateroom on X for less. If you are Disney nuts then that would be a different story, I do enjoy our cruises on DCL, I just get a bit bored and didn't like a few of their policy changes, plus the food in the MDR on DCL is not great, but the adult only restaurants are good. I wish they enforced the adult only areas better though.

    Embark lunch MDR with luggage ?

    We took ours in with us last month on the Eclipse, it was small so not an issue but there was a lot of it just inside the doors to the MDR.

    Eclipse entertainment question

    I thought the production shows were fine for what they are and with the limitations they have to work with, the aerial performers were excellent but no one mentions them! I thought the second Jane Curry show was so boring, after the first show, minimum songs 3 or 4 maybe and loads and loads and loads of chatter about her husband and his golf. Out of the 14 nights there was only one night that the Martini bar was not frequented and that was when I had too many Martnis in one sitting the night before I didn't do too well the next day, so didn't make it that night.:eek:

    Coffee makers?

    We had a kettle and tea/coffee tray last month out of Miami, but it is not the norm.

    Free wi-fi in Aruba?

    The Mall just up from the pier has free wifi, we had unlimited internet on the ship so didn't need it but I saw many people in there just surfing and that was literally last week.

    Eyebrow Tinting/Coloring At Home

    Whilst I was away recently one of my clients used just for men so when I tinted her brows recently they came out a different colour to normal, will take me a couple of appointments to get them back to "normal". Regular hair dye is not meant for brows. Being "in the trade", I do my own brows and lashes with a professional product for pros only but years ago I did my own with a product I bought in Boots (UK). I too use a clear mascara for a bit of definition when needed.

    ADVICE NEEDED - taxis from Miami Port to Airport

    Our pre booked shuttle didn't turn up, so we eventually just jumped in a taxi, was circa $40 over to the airport, think it took about 30 mins give or take as traffic was heavy.

    Eclipse entertainment question

    He is OK, dry sense of humour, I didn't mind him but I have seen more energetic. We normally do Disney so the CD's on there can be OTT, so Eddie was fine but that is not really a huge part of our cruise so we only saw him nightly in the theatre. Spoke to him a couple of times afterwards and he was fine.

    Eclipse entertainment question

    We came off last Sunday and the entertainment was quite good over all. Chandelier is the other production show, it's ok, they do tell you it is a bit off the wall. I didn't like the one on one session with the signers either, my exact words were it was too self indulgent! The rest was a mix of singing, comedian (belly laughter funny), magician and ventrolequest. The house orchestra Big Dog Drew is absolutley brilliant, they play in the ensemble lounge and foyer too when the are not on the main theatre. We walked out, with many others, on the last night performance, Sonic Eve, a singing trio of more mature ladies from Canada, as we say back in Blighty, it was blo**dy awful:D