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  1. I have two X cruises booked in 2021. If I have to get Covid tested prior to boarding, I will cancel. If I have to wear a mask anywhere on the ship, I will cancel my cruises. If I have to look at crew wearing masks, I will cancel. I'm not especially concerned about getting Covid. I am concerned the cruising with Covid restrictions and policies will not be an enjoyable experience.
  2. Had two cabins booked on HAL Rotterdam for April 6, 2020, which were obviously canceled. I got a refund of the final payments for both bookings, but have yet to receive refunds for the deposits (2 x $600). Anyone else experiencing a similar situation? Doesn't seem possible to actually communicate with HAL. My TA hasn't been much help. I think she tries, but just ends up on hold. I'm ready to cruise now, but I will certainly not book another HAL cruise until I get a full refund for my April 2020 bookings.
  3. I had two cabins booked on Rotterdam's April 6 transatlantic sailing, which was cancelled. On July 3, 2020 I got partial refunds to my Visa card with amounts corresponding to the final payments that were charged to my card in January. I'm still waiting for $1200 in deposits that were charged in Sept 2019.
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