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  1. Which cabins on deck 8 of the Symphony in the E-1 cat have the least obstructions?
  2. Cruisers on #3207 HK to Beijing, are there any ladies interested in a shopping tour of Shanghai? My wife wants to put together either a 1/2 day or full day shopping tour in Shanghai with "Shopping Tours Shanghai" which is ranked #1 on Trip Advisor "Things to do in Shanghai". They seem very accomodating, willing to pick the ladies up at the pier and then do the shopping tour (they will formulate the intinerary based upon the preferences of the ladies), including a lunch stop and then return the ladies to the pier. If you are interested, let me know either on this board or at med4bike@yahoo.com My wife will then arrange a mutually agreeable shopping itin for all interested. Thanks
  3. Thanks, Rafinmd you have done a wonderful job and a service for those of us who sail on the Promenade deck of the Symphony. Wow, you can really make a very good choice based upon your photos.
  4. Sorry guys, just noticed Rafinmd posted a wonderful picture analysis of all of the cabins on the Promenade deck of the Symphony. That makes picking a cabin very easy. Thanks!
  5. We are late in choosing our cabins for our next Crystal Symphony cruise. There are not a lot of "E" cabins on the Promenade deck left. We have a choice between 7101 and 7061. We have stayed in 7101 last cruise and it's somewhat obstructed but OK. Anyone ever stayed in 7061? How is the obstruction? Thanks,
  6. We will be spending 3 days in Madrid prior to our Lisbon to Miami cruise in December. Does anyone rec a good tour guide or company in Madrid? I guess we can see the Museums on our own. But are there good walking tours, guided tours or english speaking guides that you guys can recommend. This isn't the cruise with all the ballroom dancing stuff is it??? If it is, I guess we will have to take some lessons!! Thanks
  7. Thanks guys for your timely response. JB that is quite a thorough analysis of the situation. I will probably hire a car service that can do a bit of sightseeing and then drop our bags off at the terminal and then walk around the old town for a while before we board.
  8. We will be arriving early in Heathrow (6:30am) and need to meet our ship in Southampton. Can anyone recommend a dependable car service? Can anyone recommend a car service that can also take us on a tour from Heathrow to Southampton We board ship at around noon so we do not want to just hang around Southampton for 3 hours. Thanks
  9. Was there much obstruction in 7094 or 7095?
  10. Thanks for the info guys. Bob, on our Lisbon cruise we are deck 9 but we just signed up for the London to Hamburg cruise next May. On this cruise we are deck 7. It's been a while since we were on deck 7. Interesting, in checking our records on our cruise from Athens to Venice back in 2009 we had cabin 7048 and now I see that this cabin is a D cat cabin. I guess there was no obstruction so they upgraded the pricing. LOL Lucked out back then! What about the cabins next to the aft elevators, 7096 and 7097. Are they too noisy due to elevators or the slamming of the doors out to the deck?
  11. Anyone have a preference for a Cat E deck 7 cabin that has minimum life boat blockage and no poles to block the view. We were assigned cabin 7101 and would like to know what to expect? Thanks
  12. From Crystal's response, it seems a bit suspicious. We cruised the North Cape in 2010 and loved all the ports. We did enjoy Longyearbyen, viewing the ice caps, the snow on the ship, the raindeer on the road and especially, the Huskie Kennel. The huskies are so lovable and friendly that we have many, many pix interacting with the dogs ( I guess, you have to be a dog lover to appreciate) Other than visiting a spot others hardly visit, I don' think you are missing too much other than you seem to be upset that Crystal is "pulling" this switch at the last minute. If they are substituting beautiful Norwegian fjords, etc. instead of Longyearbyan, that sounds like a fair substitute. Enjoy this cruise cause it is one of Crystal's best.
  13. Hi Beav I was very interested in your post concerning soliciting price quotes from the on-line service. Can anyone contact this service to obtain price quotes? Can you give us the internet address or email address. Thanks To put in my two cents here, we stopped traveling with Regent, after 8 cruises, when they went to all inclusive. In fact, we found that Crystal was less expensive than Regent (by a long shot) and offered far superior service and food. However, we will wait and see what the price increase becomes before we make any decisions about looking elsewhere. We are more than satisfied with our Crystal experience. (14 Crystal cruises) I can't believe that Crystal pricing will be cheaper in 2012 than in 2011 (although some 2011 pricing were off the walls compared to 2010 pricing...take the North Cape cruise, for example...we took the 2010 North Cape cruise and almost fainted when checking the 2011 price structure for the same cruise) Well, who wants to buy me the first drink on our June, 2012 Crystal cruise???
  14. I picked up a pair of IPod speakers at Radio Shack for about $19.99. They are small and travel very well and do fill up the cabin with music extremely well. We take them with us when we travel and they work on 4 "AA" batteries. Great bargain!
  15. So sad to hear that the Dover to NYC cruise no longer will do the Prince Christian Sound passage. This was truly one of the most magnificent waterways on any cruise we have taken. The steely blue color of the icebergs the picturesque fjords and the snow covered mountains were really breathtaking. In fact, I prefer this one day going thru the Prince Christian Sound to any of the picturesque fjords we encountered on our Arctic Norway cruise. But that's MHO. In fact, we were looking forward to cruising again from Dover to NYC, specifically to travel through Prince Christian Sound. I'm sad to learn that Crystal will no longer be visiting Prince Christian Sound. It seems to be going the way of the Antarctic vis a vis prohibiting medium to large cruise ships. Pity!
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