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  1. Since didnt go to taste bar can't really answer but based on my export emcee with the "taste" drinks offered in the dinning room under the limit and still charged I would guess it wouldn't be included. Again I could be wrong
  2. From what they told me its calculated 6 am to 6 am. But even though I bought the package I could be wrong as anoth OP posts someone reached there limit but continued to be served whereas I was told you needed to pay after 15. Since I never hit 15 I really can't verify. I would imagine that unless you Read the boards you would know about it. There were no signs in the Lobby Bar advertising it. Cokes do not count towards your 15 drink Limit You don't have to get your own drinks just hand your card to your travel mate and they can get your drink for you As you can tell from the responses it's still vague and a little chaotic even on the same cruise. Passengers and crew remain confused I agree with previous poster they would do well to mimic Celebrity's package as understandable by all. Everything covered including water, speciality coffee and Bloody Beers:).
  3. Glad you had waiters on your cruise , on the Splendor they did not exist. If they had been around I would have tipped as I always do. It was not a slam against the waite staff it was an observation about the cut back in staff from my last Splendor cruise to this one.
  4. Wanted to address seperately the service. Was on the Splendor couple years ago and no complaints. This time there were very few and far between bar waiters so if you wanted a drink you had to go to the bar to get them yourselves. Not a huge inconvience except for when we were waiting for dinner with a group of 13 sitting in couches and chairs in a circle it was somewhat of a pain. Since its been awhile since I was on Carnival I don't know if it is new (Bar Package means already have money and tips why do we need wait staff?) or if as the Cruise Lines continue to cut corners to keep there price points competitive. Wouldn't stop me from going again as had a good time just noticed the decline in service personnel (the people themselves were great) at all levels
  5. Just off the Splendor and wanted to share my thoughts since there have been so many questions. The package is not unlimited it is limited to 15 drinks however they don't cut you off at 15 you just have to pay for drinks after 15. Had a poster want to know if they wanted a Clamato and Beer if that was considered a drink. No you would have to pay for the Clamato and the Beer is free. However a Screwdriver is considered one drink. Special drinks sold in the dinning room (Lemoncello, B52's) are not covered by the package if they are being pushed as a special. Same drink ordered by your bar waiter is covered (couldn't figure that one out) You can buy drinks for others you just tell the bar tender and they will charge you for the drinks. Everyone on the cruise asked me if I got my moneys worth. For me I didn't look at it that way I liked the all inclusive aspect knowing exactly what my Sail and Sign was. Based on the fact that that our CC group had two cabin parties, one private cocktail party for an hour in the Cool Lounge, The returning cruisers party and someone was always bringing bottles of wine to dinner to share I spent something less that 50 on most days but no regrets as you don't always have a great group of party friends:D
  6. I'll try to find out and post when I get back. Clamato and beer no thanks My SIL gave me one when our group of 30 took a party bus to our hotel night before a cruise and we were all the worse for wear the next morning All I could taste was the fish:( I'll stick with tomato juice:)
  7. Will be trying it in a couple weeks on the Splendor but I can say Carnival (IMO) is making this way to complicated with inclusions and exclusions. Had a Drink package in March on my Celebrity Cruise it included all drinks up to you price limit, Speciality Coffees, juice, water at the bars and at gangway There was no limit (as they don't limit you if you don't have a package) most people won't get close to 15 drinks a day. (As is always the reserve the right to refuse service if you are noticeably impared and causing problems) But with a day limit you have to know when they consider the start and stop of a day...The only limitations on Celebrity was it did not apply to drinks ordered in your room or from the mini bars. I like the idea that the cruise lines are offering an "all inclusive" option hopefully during there pilot they find the simple approach that Celebrity is doing offers less confusion both on the wait staff and passengers.
  8. On the Splendor it is a 15 drink max and then they cut you off. that expierence was posted on one of the threads and a friends nephew just got off the Splendor and he was told that it was a 15 drink limit when he signed up. Celebrity has a similar program but it does include bottled water that you pick up at the bar or as you disembark but they have no limits. Since we are going on the Splendor in a month I checked my bar bill to see if I would run into problems. Way under 15 drinks a day most days and one day no drinks. However my first Sea Day and last Sea Day went over by one:p But I know most of that is half consumed beer around the pool. When its hot outside I can't drink it fast enough so about half way thru I would get a cold one plus we enjoyed sampling the different Martinis at the Martini bar because it was pre purchased if we didn't like a drink we didn't feel obligated to finish it. Overall I like the all inclusive portion of drink packages and until I checked to see if a limit was a problem it never concerned me whether I got my moneies worth the benefit is knowing what your expenses will be right from the start and the fun of expiermenting with different cocktails knowing if you hate it you don't need to feel guilty about spending 10 dollars and walking away... Whatever you choose any day on a ship is better than a day at work Happy Sailing!!!
  9. If you have time to get the passport that is what I would do. While cruise lines still allow passengers on and off with certified copies of birth certificates airplanes don't and in the unfortunate situation that you had to stay at port for say a medical reason you will have great difficulty getting back to the states.
  10. I would second Emerald Beach. Its close to the Docks just catch a Taxi to the Best Western at Emerald Beach and walk thru the Lobby. You can rent loundge chairs, there is a restaurant and down the beach they rent paddle boats.
  11. I can only tell you my expierences from Celebrity which I think they are trying to Mimic There is no sharing and they try and monitor it because as others post it is in essence stealing and is a good way to get programs like this cancelled because they try to set the price to where the client feels like they are getting a good deal and the cruise line also makes money. On Celebrity everyone in the cabin does not have to buy the package hence the rule that you can't order your drinks from room service (assume to avoid "cheating') but their packages also include bottled water obtained from a bar (not from room steward) and speciality coffees. I think those restrictions are somewhat strange on Carnivals roll out but then again it is a pilot program There is no 15 drink limit or 5 minute window all inclusive means all inclusive. Of course if your are stubbling drunk and creating a nuisance they can refuse to serve you just as if you are paying for your drinks individually. It was very popular on my last cruise and I must say I did not see a bunch of drunks roaming around as some are concerned about. On the Splendor in a couple of months and weighing whether to get the package based on some of the comments. I like Bailey and Coffee after dinner and some posts imply that because it has coffee not covered. I also don't like the 15 drink limit. Mainly because when were around the pool we might drink half a beer before it gets hot or on Celebrity we would try different drinks and if we didn't like them we would order something else and on Sea Days we might start the day early with a bloody Mary and end it in the wee hours of the morning in the Casino I agree with others that there should be a way to "Buy" someone a drink where they charge your card. Overall I think it is a positive move and as they get customer feedback and figure out what works and what doesn't it will become clearer because right now it seems very confusing and chaotic where the official site differs on the rules from what actual cruisers have expierenced.
  12. They have a similar program on Celebrity. On Celebrity they had two alchohol packages one regular (anything up to 8 dollars) one Premium (anything up to 12 dollars) if you got the Premimum package and ordered a 15 dollar glass of wine you paid the 3 dollar difference. Also it applied to all non alcholic drinks like coffees and bottled water It was unlimited. We tried it for the first time this past March and everyone in our group loved it. did we drink our "monies" worth every day no but we loved the convience especially since you could pre order it. (so no tax in ports) and it was totally paid for prior to our cruise so getting off a 10 day cruise with just tips was weird:) Going on the Splendor in two months so really glad they have the package but would really like it if the posted information on it on their website and if they let you pre order it.....
  13. I just got off the Equinox and had the Premium Package we took drinks back to our room all the time. I think they were confusing taking a drink from the bar and ordering from room service or getting from the mini bar...
  14. Have done it before but generally on Snorkel Trips etc. I generally research what I want and book it then post on the roll call asking if anyone wants to join then give them the email address so they can make there own reservations and payment. Haven't tried orgainizing a car trip
  15. If you want to Catamaran instead of Jet Ski try NativeWay had a great time doing Stingray City and Rum Point
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