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  1. josey1964

    No more tables for two

    On our 1st night we asked for a table for 2 and got it no problem. We also change sitting from 2nd to 1st, they confirmed it all with a card through our cabin door the next morning.
  2. josey1964

    Carnival Horizon leaving NYC today 6/5

    I have another which should be a better size ratio as a screen saver, will try and post it before we sail.
  3. josey1964

    Carnival Horizon leaving NYC today 6/5

    So glad you like it, I was sat in the right place at the right time. We are visiting until Sunday when we board the Queen Mary 2 back to the UK. Joanne
  4. Took this photo tonight from Jersey City as the Carnival Horizon sailed down the Hudson with NYC in the background.
  5. josey1964


    Thank you, saves me packing any.
  6. josey1964

    Disembarkation Advice please - Intercruise/Cruise Connect

    Can I ask, on disembarkation, do we have to collect our luggage before we get on the coach, or will it be on the coach ready for us to board.
  7. josey1964


    Strange question. Britannia dining room. Do they have French mustard, the dark one not Dijon. Always like a spoonful with my steak.
  8. josey1964

    Port to Rome

    Please allow plenty of time to return to port as the trains can often miss. Civitavecchia is the port where more people miss the return to port time.
  9. josey1964

    Ocho Rios - Blue mountain coffee.

    Will be in Ocho Rios early January and need to purchase some geniune blue mountain coffee. I have heard there is a supermarket by the port that sells the real thing. Is this easy to find. Thanks in advance.
  10. josey1964

    Damaged achilles tendon

    We sail on the Westerdam on the 2nd January. I have damaged my achilles tendon and am wearing an orthopedic boot and using crutches for 4 to 6 weeks. Should I inform HAL?
  11. My Mum heads to Portsmouth tomorrow for her cruise on Saturday. She has received her cruise book and luggage lables but no tickets. Her travel agent has said this is all she will receive. Is this correct.
  12. josey1964

    First cruise question.

    We will be going on our first cruise ever on the Westerdam in January 2012. We have booked a VE cabin 5108. I ticked that were did not want an upgrade as I was worried we may be given a cabin near lifts or above public facilities as my husband is a poor sleeper. Now thinking about it, should we have said yes to being upgraded if one comes along. What are the chances of getting an upgrade and would any upgrade be a bonus wherever it is. Many thanks.
  13. Hi, After our cruise I wish to hire a car from FLL airport and wondered if there are any free car hire shuttle from the port. Many thanks.