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  1. I’ve sailed with NCL twice since this began, have another cruise booked 60 days out and another 200. Have never received an offer to upgrade. Was sure hoping to get to bid on Haven for our Alaska cruise in 60 days. They’re not sold out. 😔 oh well. We’ll be happy with our mid ship mini.
  2. Well slugg, you’ve got me so curious. Hmmmm. But I wouldn’t be booking Haven so perhaps they’re not generous with us Gen Pop folks!
  3. i booked 2 cruises in April last year and got the tax and fees free promo —- plus pick some free item perks as well. Based on comments, and history, was expecting to see it again and had planned to book another for next year. Rats.
  4. I was in the Breakaway late February and was really surprised that the smoke wasn’t as bothersome as I had been led to believe. It is a weird layout though with the casino but maybe there’s a good ventilation system. It didn’t bother me.
  5. I also did this excursion. So while we did have a great time, IMO the best part of it was the ferry to Haines. Just gorgeous scenery. It was late May. River we rafted on was a bit low and we may have seen 1 eagle. No other wildlife. Just hit or miss I guess. We did have an enjoyable time though.
  6. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading!
  7. Just one boat, the Aleutian Ballad.
  8. We went on the early tour, late May. It was a lot of fun. Boat wasn’t full at all. Definitely recommend. We also booked direct and saved $30 pp from booking with cruiseline. In 2 years the price has gone up significantly. 😫
  9. Wow I can’t believe none of you have mentioned the most amazing thing to do while in Fairbanks yet! Check out Running Reindeer Ranch. https://runningreindeer.com/ We went in May 2017 and it was one of the most enjoyable and unique “excursions” ever.
  10. I also recommend Michelle at Island Wings in Ketchikan. They were prompt to reply to email inquiries, picked us up at the port and dropped us back when finished and the flight was a lot of fun. I’m a chicken but felt safe. Not sure how long you’re in port, but the lumberjack show is presented several times a day and is just an hour long or so. No need to book that thru the cruiseline. Book direct online and as mentioned, it’s right there at the port. Lots of fun. And relatively inexpensive compared to a lot of other things in Alaska.
  11. Thanks! The stops in Roatan look interesting. I’ll be there in Nov. right now I only have Daniel Johnson’s monkey and sloth hangout booked. I may need to venture out for more fun.
  12. We were at Maya Chan 1 March. Seagrass was bad. We didn’t get in the water. As you can see, there were 9 guys working their butts off, but it was pretty overwhelming. Will make me reconsider next time at port when given the option to cancel because of how bad it is.
  13. Gosh sorry about the cruddy service at OSheehans. We were on 2 weeks ago and it was fine. Love Sid’s. If you got there at 9 for a 930 start the first night, get there earlier tonight. The word gets out.
  14. Just off the Breakaway this past Sunday. I purchased 1 certificate for $250 with $100 OB credit, in effect costing me only $150. The salesperson was pretty adamant that I was being stupid in not getting 2, since it would’ve basically been getting one for free, but I was afraid I couldn’t use 2 so I didn’t. Prior to sailing, I had read several posts here on CC that many of you have had them applied to cruises that were already booked, even though they are supposedly only for new bookings. I had concerns so emailed my TA prior to sailing to ask and she told me yes I could use it for my November cruise since one hadn’t been used before and I was a long way from final payment. When I purchased onboard, I asked and was told by 2 different salespersons that I could NOT use them on existing bookings, I would need to cancel and rebook. I don’t want to do that since the price has gone up quite a bit and I like my perks, cabin, etc. so I almost didn’t purchase.....but since my TA told me I could, I did buy the one. She just called NCL to try and apply and they told her that as of the beginning of the year, they would no longer let you use for an existing booking. She was wonderful and reduced my balance by the $250 anyway ........so a win win for me since I still have it for another cruise. But be advised, they may be more strict about it.
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