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  1. OMG I’m all about taking reviews with a grain of salt but much of these issues sound absolutely terrible. My friend and I are booked one week from now out of New Orleans on the Getaway. I’ve sailed Carnival, Disney, Princess and NCL - several times each line and never heard of or saw service such as detailed here. Good Lord I hope they get their act together by next week.
  2. Kim, I’m a long time follower, and like others, feel like I know you and your beautiful family. I’m so sorry this happened to you. The infection and complications have been so hard I know. I fell playing Pickleball in early June, bad break to my left arm and wrist, surgery, plate, pins and cast. Sadly it was just a few days before our Alaskan cruise on the Bliss, which we cancelled. Thankfully we had insurance. Man was I in a funk. But that was nothing like this. I sure hope you’re on the mend now and begin to be able to have some mobility without pain and can start rehab. Hang in there.
  3. It does kind of suck in that many of the other private islands serve lunch food and drinks are included if you have the drink package. But a bit of research ahead of time would’ve prepared you. Hubby and I personally enjoyed that it was clean, well maintained and locals weren’t continually trying to get you to buy things. We planned the day accordingly, spent a few hours at the pool, went back to the ship for lunch, then I returned for a few more hours at the beach. We chose not to spend extra money while there and didn’t have to.
  4. How was the sea grass at Maya Chan? When we went in February, it was terrible. Going again in November and hoping for nicer beach time. Maya Chan itself was wonderful food, drinks and service, for sure.
  5. I was on Breakaway Mid ship mini suite on deck 11 and the balcony was TINY! Smallest balcony I’ve ever had on any line. But, we were happy to have even our small balcony.
  6. Hi! I’ve been following along for several days and love your posts and pictures. We’re heading to London (for the first time) next July for a couple days before our Norwegian Fiords cruise and I’m looking forward to reading about and seeing pics of your London days.
  7. Thank you for your replies. I’m sure hoping we can sail the itinerary we booked. I’d sure like to go farther north at some point, but for now (next year) I think it will be wonderful.
  8. Well I see I posted this here instead of on the topic I should have. Now to find it. The link takes me to a blank page and so then I searched, found it, and it also took me to .....nothing..a blank screen. I bet Princess won’t be able to answer me.
  9. We are booked on an 8 day cruise on the Crown Princess 25 July 2020. I’m concerned they will modify our itinerary due to non compliance with the new emissions guidelines. Our itinerary is Bergen, Alesund, Olden, Hellesylt/Geiranger, and Stavanger. Does anyone have any information? I’d hate to miss Geiranger and would probably cancel and rebook something else. We’re not able to do a 14 day trip until a few years from now when hubby retires so the 8 day was just right.
  10. I’ve stayed there twice. Resort area is spread out, covers a large area. You may be pretty far away from main lodge, check in area. We were happy with it although the rooms were rather small. Area is along the river and absolutely gorgeous. Hubby and I walked across the street, browsed in the souvenir stores, took shuttle to Denali and hiked, went to the Visitors center. We opted out of the Natural History tour and took the Tundra Wilderness tour instead as it went much farther into the park. We did see the dinner theater show there at the lodge. Food was mediocre and acting seemed to be about high school play quality. Woman across from me was raving about the food and the show. Maybe it was just me.....
  11. You guys have all been very encouraging. Yes, unless there’s complications or something, I’ll go. I’ve been so looking forward to sailing on the Bliss. Thanks for the encouragement. Now if Friday would get here so I could have the surgery and start the healing........
  12. Thank you all so much! I guess I just needed to hear this. Yes, I’ll have lots of help, hubby is sweet and helpful but best of all my daughter is a nurse practitioner who works for the orthopedic surgeon who’ll be doing my surgery. She’ll be a big help. I guess I was focused on what I couldn’t do or what would be hard to do, not thinking about having the same issues here at home. Yep, plan is to go unless there’s complications or something. Thanks for all the positive words.
  13. You’re probably right! As hubby said, no cleaning, no cooking, and we do have the drink package. I’m just feeling like having a pity party I guess. I’m sure I’ll be fine.
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