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  1. judytata11

    travel vaccines?

    I always get whatever my local travel clinic recommends but usually I do 2-3 week land trips. Not sure what they would say for a stop over of a few of hours. They are the authority on this subject, they follow CDC recommendations, it is best to check with them. BTW, there are 22 million cases of typhoid reported each year around the world and 200,000 deaths.
  2. I have read all the great recommendations for companies that do those great car tours around Havana. I will be traveling alone, I am an older woman and wonder if it will be safe for me to book a tour with any of these companies and go alone.
  3. Thank you I’ll try that if the price change is significant.
  4. If there is a price drop after final payment will I get the lower price if I call and ask?
  5. I take two types of trips, one that i consider as a vacation, like a resort stay or a cruise and others that I consider as a travel the world type like land tours. Land tours are my favorite whether on my own or with a group. Usually it’s 3 to 1, 3 on land and then 1 vacation. I do regret being on a cruise occasionally, like the day we stoped in Cartegena in Columbia. I wanted to stay there on land for a couple of days.
  6. I never realized that they could be bought in denominations greater than $250!
  7. What I mean is the price is for 3 meals but the price of each meal at say Cagney’s is different because it is a la carte, so would what I bought cover the cheapest offerings, the most expensive or something in between.
  8. I have taken many cruises with others and solo. For me NCL is preferable to RCL mainly because the food on RCL is not at all to my liking. Although I always meet people I enjoy talking to if I go solo I plan to enjoy being alone. There are always singles meet ups but I have never been interested in that. On RCL you can choose to at an assigned table, I find that I usually end up with 2 or 3 married couples. That’s ok but maybe not what you are hoping for. For solo trips to meet people I would suggest a land tour with a company like Gate1. Being with the same group of for 8-14 days fosters an environment for long term friendships. I have traveled again with many new friends that I have met on these tours, it’s great!.
  9. If I buy a meal plan how does it work since most restaurants are a la carte?
  10. I think of a cruise as a vacation which I enjoy now and then but I like to travel and have been all over the world on land trips.
  11. Sorry I don’t think exactly like all of you. Your answers were not helpful, I will leave this discussion.
  12. I know plenty about all these subjects. Obviously they are making more on me paying double for a room and only eating for one, using 1/2 the linens etc.
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