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  1. What has happen to the google site for Princess obstructed view cabins for all of their ships site is no longer available received the message below unable to locate the site /cabinviewbyrenmar/
  2. Apparently she is protected by a recent greek law We would like to inform you that the Greek government -faced with the unprecedented turn of events and following the example of other countries in the European Union such as France, Italy, Spain and Germany- passed a law that allows businesses in the travel industry to issue a credit note instead of extending an immediate refund in the case of cancellations of tourism services. This initiative was taken in order to protect both businesses and their customers, to ensure the viability of the tourism enterprises and secure the deposits of th
  3. The Enchanted Princess cancelled 10/25/20 cruise Rome to Barcelona was wondering if folks on this cruise. booked private tours in Santorini & Katakolon, Greece have you cancelled these tours and requested a cash refund but offered a voucher in lieu of cash?
  4. Future of Princess Cruises do you think Princess will survive this Crisis? will you book another cruise on Princess? do yo think you were treated fairly if the cruise was cancelled or you cancelled?
  5. God willing this will be over in 2 months princess will come back stronger all Princess loyal customers will be onboard you go Princess
  6. Hi all 2021 have a reservation on Princess Dubai to Rome Love Dubai spending 5 days In Dubai before the cruise Petra has been on my bucket list it is 1.2 miles in the Sig to the Petra my question to folks who have done this tour with Princess is the 5 mile walk do able? i do want to do this tour
  7. Best way from LAX toLong Beach Taxi or Uber? car service for 1 person $105 + connivence fee $36 To Long Beach
  8. Marriott doesn’t have a hotel in San Pedro only in Long Beach Residence inn is 5.2 miles away a taxi is not an issue
  9. I am sailing from LA March 13 to Haiwai on Star Princess my question how should I get from LAX to Long Beach Marriott Residence Inn Taxi or hire a private car? what is the price of taxi? thanks for your help in advance Judy
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