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  1. I’m looking to purchase a map so that we can duplicate the chart on the ship, showing where we have cruised. Would like one that includes you through the Drake passage into Antarctica. Does anyone know where to purchase one?
  2. Thanks. I have 2 pair of base layers, 1 hat, hat liner, neck gator, waterproof gloves and glove liners, water proof pants, 2 water resistant leggings to go over base layer, a 3/4 zip pullover sweater, light raincoat, one pair of light weight cargo pants that zip off and become shorts for wearing in Buenos Aires, 1 fleece jacket and 1 light weight puffer jacket, 2 pair wool socks and 2 pair sock liners and one heavyweight water resistant pant (like a ski pant but not as thick and bulky), hiking poles, bathing suit, and the usual undergarments. I’ve rented the boots. But what do I need to bring to wear around the ship and to meals? Going on National Geographic ship.
  3. Thanks for the response. Which particular tours did you take with Paddywagon and Odyssey?
  4. Hi all. We just booked an Antarctica cruise expedition. I have no idea what clothing we will need and where if any place to buy it, we live in Atlanta and don’t have much need for winter clothes. The only thing I do have is one set of ski pants and some hiking shoes. I know they will be giving us a parka on the ship but I have no idea what else to buy and bring. do what we need to purchase boots, gloves that are rated below, zero, certain type of sock, etc. Any lists of clothing would be very welcomed. Also, if you could include links to places that you recommend I would appreciate it. Any other thoughts or recommendations are certainly appreciated. thank you in advance for all your help.
  5. Hi all. My DH and I will be on a cruise that includes the following ports. If anybody would mind giving me ideas of tours and tour companies to use for these destinations, I would really appreciate it. We’ve only been to London and nowhere else, so I have no idea what’s important to see or not see. Edinburgh (Newhaven), United Kingdom 8 AM 7 PM Kirkwall (Orkney Islands), United Kingdom 10 AM 7 PM Stornoway (Hebrides), United Kingdom 7 AM 4 PM Belfast, Ireland 9 AM 7 PM Glasgow (Greenock), United Kingdom 7 AM 6 PM Liverpool, United Kingdom 8 AM 9 PM Dublin (Dún Laoghaire), Ireland 7 AM 7 PM Holyhead, United Kingdom 7 AM 6 PM Cork (Cobh), Ireland 8 AM 5 PM Torbay, United Kingdom 9 AM 7 PM London (Southampton), United Kingdom Disembark 8 AM
  6. Hello all. We are on a cruise out of Dubai to Jerusalem and we want to see Luxor, Petra and the Valley of the Kings in a small group tour (not ships tour). Below is our ship itinerary. Does anyone have suggestions of how to do all three locations. We are willing to spend a night off the ship in Safaga if necessary. Any recommendations of tour companies would be helpful as well. Muscat, Oman 12:00 PM 8:00 PM Cruising the Arabian Sea Salalah, Oman 10:00 AM 7:00 PM Cruising the Gulf of Aden Cruising the Red Sea Cruising the Red Sea Cruising the Red Sea Luxor (Safaga), Egypt 6:00 AM 11:59 PM Luxor (Safaga), Egypt 9:00 PM Aqaba, Jordan 10:00 AM 10:00 PM
  7. What is the best and most economical way to get from the airport to the Rendezvous Hotel Sydney the Rocks?
  8. Have you booked any private tours and if so do you mind sharing their contact info?
  9. Can anyone recommend a hotel in Auckland. We are staying one night after the cruise and need a place to stay.
  10. FYI. Thanks for the heads up on the necessity of a Visa? We applied online for the Australian Visa and got it almost instantaneously. The same for entry into New Zealand.
  11. Did you book any private tours for any of your stops that are similar to ours? If so, would you share the info please.
  12. We’re on Oceania’s Regatta. Does anyone know if the cruise companies get the Visa waiver for passengers?
  13. We just arrived back from a Greenland, Iceland cruise and I have to quickly prepare for a January 2023 Australia, New Zealand one. My DH believes that all the planning happens by magic but alas, it’s just me that puts everything together. I’ve asked him to delay this cruise but he won’t here of it since we’ve had it canceled so many times due to COVID. So I’m in need of major help here! I’ve got to book airfare ASAP so I’ve got to put this all together pretty rapidly. My Roll Call is basically not active so I’ve turned here for help. We prefer small group tours rather than the large ship tours. So I need help in figuring out what sites to see as well as recommendations for tour companies. We are flying into Sydney and I need a recommendation for where to stay, prefer breakfast included, and how many days in advance should we fly in in order to see a fair amount. And we disembark in Auckland. How many days do we need there and any recommendations of where to stay would be appreciated. Here are the cities we are stopping at on the cruise. So if anyone can help me with any of the above I would be eternally grateful. Thanks in advance! Sydney Melbourne - 2 days Burnie (Tasmania) - 8am - 5pm Timaru, NZ - 12pm - 8pm Christchurch - 8am - 7pm Wellington - 8am - 5pm Napier - 8am - 6pm Gisborne - 6am - 2pm Bay of Islands - 11am - 7pm Auckland - Disembarkation
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