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  1. The two cabins are nice, no different than any of the other interior cabins, however Cabin E-6 you will hear extreme amounts of bass from the shows in the Blue Sapphire lounge. Cabin E-197 is right below the stairs so you will constantly hear the footsteps from people using the stairs.
  2. I've only cruised Carnival so I'm not sure if this question is for other lines too, but I'd assume so. I noticed that some crew members would wear an all white uniform (looked somewhat like a captain) then I would see them another day on the Lido deck clearing off tables. What are the white uniforms?
  3. I'm not too sure what to think about the video...
  4. Might as well just bring a sweater or a "wrap" just in case. I don't see why you wouldnt
  5. Jo060

    Art pieces are here! Yeah!!

    Very exciting! Congrats.
  6. Jo060

    To Upgrade or Not?

    Personally I wouldn't. I could think of hundreds of things I could put that +$200 towards.
  7. Jo060

    ?? Full of Questions ??

    I didn't know this. Is the raised seal a must? I have a FL birth certificate that Igot about 6 months ago as I lost my original. It was from the health department. It does have a seal, but it's not raised.
  8. Jo060

    Carnival Triumph Video Tour

    Nice video. Good job!
  9. Jo060

    Is oceanview worth it?

    No worries. I've grown up on the ocean fishing with dad since I was young. No seasickness here.
  10. Mexico is plenty safe as long as you're smart about it and do a little research.
  11. Jo060

    Before you post your next complaint

    Wow. Quite a few people wound up tight around here. Anyway...Happy Thanksgiving!
  12. Jo060

    Is oceanview worth it?

    We were given a call this morning informing us that there was a problem with the system and the room has actually been booked since mid October. We were put back in our old room and kept the saving of about $37. :p
  13. Jo060

    Is oceanview worth it?

    I went ahead and did it anyway. I booked R186
  14. I'm currently booked in E6 on the Carnival Ecstasy but am able to "upgrade" to a oceanview #M180 and save $37.84. I booked through Orbitz and they said this would be no problem. Is an ocean view worth it, or am I going to be stuck with a small cloudy circle looking out?