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  1. Thank you everyone for the info so far. I am so excited.
  2. Following this. We sail out in Jan 2021 and one of us really wants to experiance Miami. We are there the day before and staying one more night the day we disembark. It has been hard to find info on Miami. Bobbie
  3. Hello everyone, We are booked on the Pearl for Jan. 2021. Tell me everything about the Pearl. Bobbie
  4. I was just on the Dawn and there was one bottle at the actual buffet not at the tables. I did not see it the first time I was there so I asked and they brought it to me. I would not hurt to have a little bottle with you. Bobbie
  5. Just booked a girls cruise on the Sun for Feb .2021. Let me know all of your tips and faves. I have sailed on her before about 4 years ago. We loved it but it was before the redo. And I really just don't remember everything. Ready set go.......
  6. bumping this one. I am also looking at going here.
  7. I know nothing about this port. We were going to do a beach day in St. lucia not sure what to do in the new port. We like beach days, and island tours. WE like to get to know the locals. any suggestions would be great we are there tomorrow. I assuming we will have to get something at the port.
  8. Be sure and book your dining ASAP. We had the same dining pkg when we were on the Epic and ended up not being able to use one of them because everything booked up. And we ended up eating at one of them at 9pm.
  9. Yeah, I meant to post this in the Antigua forum. I;m such a dork....lol
  10. Where can I find it? Myself and my Bestie want to buy some maybe a bracelet or something. thank you
  11. Does anyone know where I will be able to find this? I've tried to look online and am not having any luck. Thanks in advance for any help. Bobbie
  12. Hubby wants to pay the extra and go with the ship. Thank you for the help
  13. yes the taxi fee is part of the fee. It is a little cheaper if you pick a time without the taxi. I did not want to have to worry about getting the taxi on our own.
  14. We are wanting to do a Kayak in the mangroves excursion. Trough the ship is a total of 260.00 for two of us. If I book direct with the vendor it is only 160.00. My issue is to get them to arrange the taxi we need to meet up with them at 8:45. We dock at 8. Is this going to give us time to get off the ship and meet up with them on time. Or do we just pay the extra and book with the ship. Its just 100 dollars is a lot of money. I have booked many excursions on my own with locals i'm just a little worried about the time. Its with VI Eco Tours.
  15. Have your spoke with NCL about this already. I called them a couple of months ago for the same reason and the person I spoke with said they do not have a way of doing this for us. If you have arranged this please let me know who you spoke with. We sail on the Dawn in January out of Tampa. Thank you,' Bobbie
  16. May I please get added to the list. coolgma2@gmail.com Thank you!!!!!
  17. following. I am wondering the same thing. It sounds like you have to get back yourself.
  18. Has anyone done this? We are really considering this one. Just wondering how it was and how many people were on your tour. Bobbie
  19. yes they do. I called about it a couple of weeks ago. She said she did not have a way to email it to me. I would also love to see a list. you get the booze 2 mixers and 2 garnish. hope this helps Bobbie
  20. Please report back on this. We are thinking of doing this as well. Thank you Bobbie
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