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  1. I don't drink coffee but friends we were with think it was about $5
  2. I’m looking forward to this review, your sense of humour has me engaged already 😊
  3. I always take a couple of bottles wherever I am going in the world. I just wrap in bubble wrap (a couple of layers) and then in a couple of supermarket plastic bags. Then make sure they are packed in the centre of your suitcase. In all my travels I have never once had a bottle break. On my recent cruise I didn’t realise they are supposed to go in your carry on so ended up in n the naughty room, however my friend also had a couple in her suitcase and no problem.
  4. Yes just recently did Singapore to Hong Kong. Asians were in the minority but were perfectly polite. Maybe a short 3 day cruise might be different but we did a 9 day and no issues whatsoever. In fact the couple of Asian groups we met, one was a dad who had escaped Vietnam after the war and fled to America and was now taking his daughter to Hong Kong to attend university. Another on our excursion had fled Vietnam and was back for the first time to reconnect with his heritage. Such a lesson that it is about meeting people individually to realise we are all the same really. Large groups of any nationality can be confronting - as New Zealanders we find the Australians (our closest cousins) a bit loud in a group. Americans in a group, yes they have a lot to say lol. But when you meet people as individuals you realise we are all the same underneath. All the staff spoke English, the food was fine, not very Asian (I would have liked more Asian to try).
  5. Yes I know there have been scathing reviews but honestly every cruise and every hotel I have done has had reviews where you wonder if you were in the same place. If you go with a positive frame of mind you will enjoy it, if you are looking for problems you will find them. This was a great ship and you will have a wonderful time 😊
  6. Hi Tracey, I don’t know much about the upgrade, I think there will still be less features than the really huge ships but it is a beautiful ship and there was more than enough to do anyway. For the younger ones there was already ice skating, rock climbing, flow rider, movies etc and I thought I heard they were adding a hydro slide but I’m not certain. I don’t think anyone will be bored. The shows were good. I’ve just checked the daily Cruise Compass and besides the ice show which really was brilliant, there was Broadway Rhythm & Rhyme, The Aussie Boys (would have been good except it was a bit too Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi if you know what I mean). There was a vocalist on the night in a Bangkok but we were back too late to see that. Then a magic show which we didn’t go to as we don’t like magic shows, then a production show “music in Pictures, then a comedian Jeff Green who was good. Then an 80s show , then a tribute to Queen “Rock Rhapsody”, then a comedy, juggling and magic show we didn’t go to. There were also numerous game shows, the traditional mr & mrs game show which was hilarious, dance classes, karaoke etc etc. big 4th hope f July party and a 70s party in the promenade. I forgot a lot of this until I got the Cruise Compass out. I see my review is up now too if you want to check it out. Hope this helps 🙂
  7. Hi, yes sorry I forgot about Dong Khoi St. They dropped us at a posh hotel at the end of the street by the waterfront where we were allowed to use the facilities if needed and I think we had about an hour and a half on our own to wander about. Typically we just found a cool bar and sat and watched the world go by as it was too hot to do much else. Watch out when they kindly bring you packets of moist hand wipes with your drink - they charge you for them even though you didn't ask for them lol. Up the other end of the street there were the high end shops, Gucci etc if I remember right. Good luck in the market, your DH might have met his match in those ladies! We figured out later that the stalls around the outer walls have sign that it is a fixed price area so there is no (or very little) haggling and it was a very much more peaceful experience. Have fun!
  8. Our friends took the ships excursion “Pattaya on your own”. They had previously visited Bangkok too and enjoyed it but felt they had seen what they wanted there, so hoped Pattaya would be fun but they were a bit disappointed.
  9. Yes we had stops in Bangkok and Vietnam. Now we probably didn’t make very sensible decisions with our excursions and I always knew Asia wasn’t really my thing so I don’t want to put you off as most people love Asia. I see the review isn’t yet showing so keep an eye on the Voyager reviews and it should be up in the next day or so. If I could do it again I would have taken a full e xcursion in Bangkok, also in Ho Chi Minh City. Nga Trang is easy on your own or the Vin Pearl resort we could see across the bay looked nice too but very expensive. Hoi An was beautiful, we did the On Your Own and I think that was the best choice as the heat was very intense so could take a break as required, but maybe it is not so hot at other times of the year. Another couple of friends who were also the on the cruise quite enjoyed the floating markets but said it was mostly just souvenirs and they went to the Pattaya on your own and didn’t like that much, they said it was another big city with a beach, not quaint like they expected. It really depends on what you like, I like quiet, relaxing, history but not not temples so much. You might be the opposite but I hope this helps as I know I struggled to get much information. Be aware that Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) are a couple of hours away by bus, Hoi An was perhaps 1.5 hours away so the only stop you could do your own thing was NGA Trang
  10. Back home off the Voyager of the Seas 9 day Asian cruise. Have submitted a rather long review which will be up once it is approved I guess, but if anyone has any questions or concerns about the ship I may be able to answer them.
  11. Thanks so much for your reply, much appreciated
  12. Thanks very much Host Clarea. Crikey the drinks aren't cheap! My ticket says you can't bring any personal alcohol aboard, but other people talk of 2 bottles of wine per cabin. Is this correct? And if so can you also bring a bottle aboard at each port?
  13. We are doing the Singapore to Hong Kong cruise in a few weeks on Voyager of the Seas. Looking at the drinks packages they only let you have wine by the glass which is not very convenient if you want to go back to your room and share a bottle. Does anyone have a copy of a wine list with prices (bottle and glass)? And can you buy a bottle from the bar and take it to your room? Or just a guideline of the price of a glass or a bottle of the cheaper/average priced offerings? I guess it will be in US dollars. Thanks in advance
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