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  1. In another thread; someone was notified about 23 days ahead! for Galapagos (silversea)
  2. thanks! Does that mean it's now part of the question that ideally Barbara Muckermann will see and answer? thanks : )
  3. when will the Machu Picchu extension be added back to the Galapagos cruise? and/or where how do I post this new question for Barbara Muckermann?
  4. thanks! unfortunately that Galapagos trip never happened; cancelled; and who knows when it's safe to go there again! : )
  5. thanks! Yes, I think this seems to be in correct range of what many others are saying (about the ordering). and in the middle category (HAL, Princess, Celebrity), you'd put Princess above Celebrity? That seems to be about 50/50....1/2 like Celebrity better... I don't know anything about MSC, I'll have to check them out; thanks! : )
  6. and by '21-22 season'; does that mean, I assume you mean about october to february 21-22? thanks
  7. thanks; I did just check it out; very informative! and I added a couple of things to my travel list : )
  8. oh! I guess I read it too fast; and you'd take Jan over Dec because it's a better time to go weather wise? or because of all the covid stuff? thanks
  9. wow; I thought when 2 other trips were cancelled outside the U.S. I'd have a better chance at the U.S.! I guess not. and you're saying July 2021!! that's a long ways away! thanks
  10. wow! you've been on 50 Princess cruises; was that a typo!!? So what do you think of RCL? thanks
  11. thanks; yeah; I'm flexible in terms of whether it's a large or small ship; whether there's kids around or not; entertainment, etc. no matter either to me. But I do like a nice ship and good food; : )
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