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  1. Been on a bunch of different ships and the Miracle is certainly our favorite!
  2. Taking this cruise over Halloween.
  3. Thanks everyone. I decided on Victory 4 day over Halloween I appreciate the insight. Will probably book Paradise in 2020 to go to Cuba.
  4. We just got off the Liberty two weeks ago, it was a very nice ship. We found the "Fun Squad" to be lacking, but the rest of the cruise was fantastic. I am leaning towards Victory only because it won't exist soon and that is a consideration. We live in NYC so flights to TPA or MIA won't be a drastic difference either way.
  5. So I am not sure if I want to book late April on the Paradise out of Tampa or the Victory out of Miami..... what would you all do and why?
  6. there were some structures of substantial construction, but most were just frame with plywood - not anything that would stand up to flames.
  7. wow, i was just there a week ago today! was my favorite private island i have been to so far 😞
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