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  1. just in case anyone checks this thread, we had to get from Dover port to Ashford international for our eurostar train to france. We used Britannia Coaches from the port (from the disney magic) to ashford international station. They were fantastic and i highly recommend their service. The driver was on time, courteous and an excellent driver. In addition, they have an app that lets you know exactly where the driver is from about 2 hours before your pick up, so there's no doubt that he's on his way. Definitely the company to go with if you want a driver to pick you up at the port and take you to ashford international. We were a group of 9 people, so i booked their 16 person luxury coach. Again, highly recommended. I would most definitely use their services again!
  2. what car service company did you get this quote from? we're going to need a large van for our group of 9.. .
  3. as the title says, has anyone used barcelona airport transfers? we'll have a group of 9, including 3 young toddlers, so i want to be sure i have transportation when we arrive in barcelona (in the event of a taxi strike or whatever). barcelona airport transfers has sufficiently large vans for our group, but i was wondering if anyone in CC has used them and what their experience was. Thanks!!
  4. why does he need a split bath if he's traveling alone? a split bath just means two tiny bathrooms instead of one larger bathroom... it's convenient when there's more than one person in the room, since you have the toilet separate from the shower.. but if you're traveling alone, it's nice to have one big bathroom.... .
  5. we sometimes stay on the ship, sometimes get off.... depends on the length of the cruise.. actually now that i think about it, on DCL i stay on the ship in nassau, on royal i get off the ship in nassua (to go to the blue lagoon dolphin swim).. .
  6. yes, it's very expensive.. when i took my mom and sister on a cruise on the dream, we played the last session... they had really wanted to play, but the timing had never worked out, so we only made it that one time.. i remember paying for a machine and cards....whatever it was, it was expensive, but we had a lot of fun playing. we didn't win a thing, but we enjoyed it...so it was definitely worth it.. .
  7. but there's no need to bring a soda from the beverage station to dinner. they serve soda (pop :cool:) at dinner in the MDRs for free.
  8. both times we ate at palo, we were able to make the reservations on board the ship. both were for brunch, one time was on the wonder, the other time on the dream. as for the tastings - i think those tend to open up since i'm pretty sure they cost money. People will book things and then cancel - so you should keep checking online to see if things open up. and when you get onboard the ship, you can try to make the reservations then if you don't find anything on line. i don't recall ever not getting something we wanted. Although, in truth, there isn't very much that we want that requires reservations. We cruise both royal and DCL and enjoy them both, but still enjoy DCL more. I know others disagree, but we think the food is great and we've always experienced outstanding service. Plus we enjoy all the stupid games and activites they have for adults on board (what i call summer camp for adults). you don't need to reserve anything to participate in those. Just look in your daily navigator to see when and where they are. i really hope you end up enjoying your cruise and don't let any preconceived notions spoil it for you. .
  9. by the way, we got both of our palo brunch reservations after we boarded the ship (one time on the wonder, the other time on the dream). we did brunches both times as we really enjoy the MDRs for dinner, so would rather not give them up. . .
  10. correction - DD paid $125/night for her room at the hotel monte cenci.. she loved every second she was there.. .
  11. i've never rented anything, but i would think you can rent them and then leave them by your chair when you go to eat... but since i've never rented anything, clearly i have no clue.. here's some info on CC, including rentals ("castaway cay rentals") http://www.wdwinfo.com/disney-cruise-line/ports/castaway-cay.cfm .
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