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  1. We have changed our routing and are now looking at 14 days aboard the Noordam a Vista Class ship. Considering all classes from Ocean View to Neptune Suite. Any reviews would be greatly appreciated. *Are the Neptune Suites worth it? I notice that they are not all the same size and have different square footage I guess based upon their location. Are they that much more comfortable than the Signature Suites? *Are the Signature Suites that much larger than the Verandah cabins? 🤔
  2. I know that truth or difference of opinion is hard for some folks to swallow these days in the Land of the Free and the Brave. I have nothing more to say and am finished with Cruise Critic anyway. All of you have a nice day and the rest of 2020. Ba Bye.
  3. Well, if that is the case I will wait for Cruise Critic to tell me that I cannot state something on their forum. I hope that meets with your approval. 🤐
  4. It's called the first amendment in case you don't remember. Don't like it don't read it.
  5. If this cruise is in fact cancelled then I will probably cancel my FCC and obtain a refund. Since I have no desire to do a Caribbean cruise which may be all that is left. What a mess the CDC has made of everything with their erroneous diagnoses.
  6. I don't know who is telling the truth. HAL customer service told me yesterday that this cruise was still on and that they may use alternate methods if Vancouver is not available. They assured me the cruise was still scheduled. I have sent an email to customer service and may do a chat tomorrow. I would surely like to know which it is. My TA doesn't seem to be available.
  7. OK. Have never tried a suite on a cruise. Have had one Balcony Cabin and the others were Oceanviews. Since this is a transpacific cruise and we have FCC and OBC from a cancelled cruise, decided to put some additional funds towards a Neptune Suite. Looking at Cabin 5190 or 5191 aft port and starboard sides on the Verandah deck. I notice that Neptune Suites run from 300 square ft to 391 square ft. 5191 is 365 square ft. and has a wrap around balcony. Neptune Suites are designated as category SA, SB, SC. Have no idea what the difference is among the categories. For those that have traveled in a Neptune Suite would appreciate knowing what your opinion is. The good, the bad, and the ugly. The price would probably be in the ugly category for most people. Thanks for your assistance in advance. Ad & Dave https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/stateroom-details.php?ship=Noordam&cabin=5191
  8. The Noordam could just sail out of a west coast US port. Doesn't have to sail out of Vancouver. The only reason that cruises go out of Vancouver for Alaska is that under US maritime law they cannot sail from one American port to another American port without making a port call in a foreign country. They would have to be an American flag carrier to do that. Nearly all cruise lines are registered under foreign flags so that they are not faced with US taxes. I'm pretty sure that this transpacific cruise will be going in September. Hope to plan along with you over the next 3 or 4 months .
  9. Just got off a chat with HAL customer service. He stated definitively that the Noordam Vancouver to Tokyo cruise September 27th is still valid and they are taking bookings. He did state that the routing may change a little based upon status at that time.
  10. I would like the people who are doubting to take a few minutes to watch this video. Since the Covid-19 virus is the only thing that has shutdown the cruise industry, and just about everything else, worldwide I think it is very pertinent for discussion on this forum. Watch it until the end and make up your own minds if you are still doubting the veracity of the information provided.
  11. I was responding to "The Beaver". The cruise industry is shutdown because of this Covid-19 thing so this discussion is pertinent to the Noordam's transpacific crossing. It's the reason why the Noordam may or may not cruise to Japan.
  12. Well, my friend, the corrupt news media never reported on those so called pandemics because their guy was in the white house and they were not interested in holding him responsible. So, just like the common flu, they never reported much of anything. Who knows how many professionals die every year treating the common flu or any of these other diseases. But, of course, the news media despises our President and will do anything to make him look bad as they want him out of office. So, they report only things that will harm him. There are so many lies and misreporting over this Covid-19 it is striking.
  13. I meant to say "won't" be cancelled. My mistake. I guarantee that if Canada maintains it's shutdown until July 1st or even longer that Canada's economy will be in shambles just like it would be in the US. Have you spoken with a business person lately to get their take on all of this? Being Canadian has nothing to do with it. Businesses, jobs, and eating regularly have everything to do with it.
  14. So, what is your point? This is a discussion forum and I gave my opinion based on what I know. No, I rarely dream these days. 🛳️
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