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  1. Cruising is something that you plan months and sometimes years in advance. It requires a lot of planning especially for longer cruises and the payment of large sums of money. Even when there comes a time when all ships are allowed to cruise once again and the cruise lines are still around, will potential passengers want to cruise with draconian regulations in place irrespective of the threat from this virus? Do folks want to cruise so bad that they would put up with these regulations? Incessant testing, masks, social distancing, venues either closed or severely regulated, mandated shore excurs
  2. Surprise. Actually received our full refund back to our credit card yesterday. Over 4 months but at least it's been returned. However, not planning on anymore cruises. This virus never bothered me but it's the thought of having to put up with all of the nonsensical restrictions imposed by the CDC that turns me off. And, don't think anything will change for months and maybe years. Also, most of the cruise lines must be on the brink of bankruptcy about now. Thanks for the concern. 🙂
  3. I actually had Travel Insurance for both of us. So, let's see, Hal cancelled our cruise and so far there is little expectation of ever receiving a refund. At least the way I look at it. As such I believe that the Travel Insurance should cover it unless the Insurance Company somehow has something in unreadable print without a magnifying glass that prevents them from complying. I would not think there is a statute of limitations on when one can file a claim. My credit card bank also has asked that I submit a claim through them and they will review it.
  4. I really don't see how my credit card company can help much. Can you advise? 🤔
  5. Hard for me to believe that HAL will be solvent for another 18 weeks much less another 18 months. Why would they tell good customers that they will refund their money within 90 days and then not refund their money within 90 days? My refund has already gone over 100 days and still nothing concrete from HAL although I have followed up twice with them. All you get is "just be patient". I am already planning on never receiving my refund and moving on with my life.
  6. I'm not an attorney however I know enough to realize that if the refund policy does not contain a specific length of time in writing then they could take as long as they wish to effect refunds. Just because customer service states that refunds will be within a 90 day period is pretty meaningless. Especially when no verbal commitment is made past telling you that we will do our best to refund your money within 90 days. Stockholders, banks, and accountants basically control refunds. To remain solvent the value of a company's assets must be greater than the sum of its debt obligations. Refunds ar
  7. There are two basic reasons that we will probably not cruise again for a very long time if ever: * We are not interested in paying good money to travel on a hospital ship with draconian medical regulations. * We are worried about losing our payment due to the very real possibility of bankruptcy for some of these lines. Since the draconian regulations will probably remain in place long after this virus is history we will find other things to do with our time.
  8. I suppose it is. Although have no idea why they would split up the refund. Guess I will wait until 90 days are up and contact them again with hoping they haven't forgotten about us. Due to the selling off and scrapping of ships, to include all of the negative news regarding current monetary status for the cruise industry with a few bankruptcies already, I am somewhat worried about HAL all of a sudden declaring bankruptcy. I seriously don't know how these companies are going to continue to survive with no income for the rest of 2020. The American airlines would have gone bankrupt in a month if
  9. Have people been receiving refunds in a timely manner? We did get an initial refund of $480 although we paid just under $1,800 for the cabin. Notified HAL and they stated the balance would be forthcoming. It has now been two weeks short of 90 days and have not gotten the balance. They never told me why I only received $480 out of $1,800. Doesn't seem to make sense.
  10. It's commonly know as simple mathematics. 160,000 deaths divided by 330 million people is 0.0045%. Use a calculator if you must. 0.0045% is one of the lowest per capita percentages. Deaths by disease annually in the US: Heart 650,000, Cancer 600,000, Respiratory 160,000, Stroke 150,000, Unintentional Injuries 170,000. Of course this is not counting the amount of deaths and destruction caused by shutting out country and economy down and the millions of people's live ruined in the interim. If you want to worry to death about the mostly elderly people with chronic conditions that would have
  11. I would say that Sweden had a pretty low death rate per capita for not destroying their country and economy. Remember, by not destroying their economy millions of their people were not destroyed along with it. We and many other countries destroyed our economies and still had many people die from Covid. There is just to much in the way of alternative information out there for me to believe that shutting down our country was even the sane thing to do. This virus will be among us for years as is the common flu virus is every winter. Are we going to keep the country shut down until not one person
  12. The death rate per capita is 160,000 out of 330 million people for Covid one of the lowest death rates per capita in the world. Death rate for Cancer 680.000, Heart disease over 600,000, Respiratory diseases over 160,000. No hysteria and panic about all of those rates. I have heard that more people have died or have become incapacitated from the shutdown than from Covid. Not to mention the total destruction to our economy which will take people and the country at large years to get over.
  13. According to everything that I have read from medical specialists there have been more deaths and a multitude of other complications from shutting down the economy than from Covid. Also Sweden didn't shut down their country and economy. Did they have the highest death rate in the world? Also, Sweden's deaths are not per capita they are per cases. Sweden has 10.5 million people. The death rate be capita is 5,747 divided by 10.5 million which is minuscule. Bet more people die from falling off bicycles than from Covid in Sweden.
  14. Sweden and 4 other countries did not shut anything down and they are now back to normal. Had similar or lower deaths per capita than most other countries that did shutdown thus destroying their economies. These are simple facts and statistics. Many private doctors are saying that shutting down the country does little to curb the spread of the virus. The body's natural immune system protects most people from viruses as we are bombarded by millions of viruses every day throughout our life. People with severely compromised immune systems have difficulty fighting off any virus even the common cold
  15. Sweden and 4 other countries never shut down anything. They are now pretty much back to normal and had fewer deaths per capita then most other countries that shut down everything. Just stating simple facts not trying to cause an argument with flyguyjake. There are many private doctors who are in emergency rooms, ICU's, and in Clinics that deal with Covid all the time. They feel that locking everything down is the wrong thing to do from a natural immunity point of view. Even the CDC recently came out with the decision that most of the country should be opened as there are more deaths from the a
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