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  1. We were on the 9/12 sail and did not have internet access as part of a package. We were quite frustrated / disappointed to pay $14.99? a day for very poor connection in our room. If we took our device out to a public area, esp. down to guest services to complain, then it worked much better! My guess is there are these white "mushroom shaped" gizmos in the guest room hallways that must be the internet spots - maybe if your room is close to one, you get reliable internet in your room but we were at the end of a hall and SOL (sorry, out of luck).


    Otherwise we were very happy on the Eurodam. 


    We did complain / report our internet frustrations and were assured "they are working on it" but my guess it is just not set up very well for in the passenger decks.

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  2. I've been thinking what I wanted to say in response to this post but Nooligans has now expressed it. We were on a 12 night Eurodam cruise that started Sept. 12. The staff was very diligent about wearing masks and prompting guests that were walking about or in the Lido getting their food to wear a mask. But many passengers, once seated in a dining room, playing trivia or  in an evening venue would remove their masks. We were mostly in Greece - some places were quite crowded (Mykonos) and not many masks. We were comfortable with that, loved our trip, but if those conditions make a person uncomfortable, I agree with Nooligans, they will probably be more comfortable staying home a bit? longer.

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  3. OP here - thanks for the feedback. I took my things and found the one other place an umbrella was throwing shade - which by the way, where the other couple could have sat. I admit, I did shoot a parting look and say “nice!” I do think more umbrellas would be appreciated. I did enjoy some of the devious “pay backs” expressed but I know none of us wants to be banned from cruising!

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  4. I am currently onboard the Eurodam - by the pool there are a few umbrellas - I found a chair under one and set up my towel and such. It was obvious I had settled in the shade. I got up to dip in the pool and a couple came up and began to move the umbrella - I called out “ excuse me, I was using that if you don,t mind” to which they responded “it does not belong to you” and moved it away from the chair I had been using. WWYD - what would you do? I had not gone away more than a few minutes. I found it quite rude. Should I just have moved it back when I went to sit back down?

  5. Glad you made on the ship! Hopefully we head across the pond on Friday night.


    I have two questions - info on the Lido in the evening- ethnic choices?


    Port info - I have not  made many plans - is HAL providing much port info - on paper? or is almost everything on the Navigator?

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  6. Well there have been several passengers from the NA Alaska sails that have posted a lot of info from their trips but I am eagerly awaiting some info on the Eurodam sailings. I do appreciate the one poster that is dishing on trivia and some of the ports but I would love to hear more, esp. about food, menus, and such. I know it takes time (and internet minutes) but hopefully someone soon might post a LIVE from the Eurodam or detailed cruise review. THANKS!

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  7. I'm the OP - so glad to now have confirmation we embark in Venice. I will say that a few days ago someone did post a screen shot from the Navigator app showing the Sept. 5 cruise ending in Koper so that seemed a real and unwelcome possibility. Glad HAL is now able to use Marghera.


    We are staying in Mestre and the HAL email spedifically says to go to the Venice cruise terminal, NOT Marghera, for embarkation. After we are checked in and tested, we will be bused to the ship.


    Also from what I have read, I think the revised EU protocols are going to deal with UNvaccinated individuals so I'm thinking HAL cruisers will not be affected.


    YEAH! I finally think this cruise is happening for me😃

  8. this may be a rumor but there are some posters here dealing with cruises coming up soon that were supposed to either embarrk or disembark in Venice. Well the Navigator app is showing Koper as the final destination for Sept. 5 cruise - we were supposed to embark there Sept. 12. Well Trieste was one thing, Koper seems more complicated to me. We are not using HAL Flightease - any guesses if / how HAL will facilitate this? I know I should just be patient but just trying to get an idea of options. Any chance HAL will let us cancel because they have changed this so much! (we don't have insurance but this seems like a big kink to me!)

  9. We are hoping to cruise in Sept. in the Med. I know ships are sailing there now, and in other places around the globe. I keep seeing warnings and such but is any concrete  info anywhere how many cases are actually being reported on the ships? I would think many people would like facts! and not just ambiguous warnings. Thanks!

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  10. I am certainly hoping for Maghera - that would be easy but at some point I encountered a rumor that option had not been finalized and may not actually be an option. The info about Flight ease from an earlier poster is a bit concerning! but being as patient as I can and hoping it all falls into place. I would think the fact that we are going to have to be COVID tested at the port may throw an additonal wrench into the already messy situation.

  11. We are due to sail in less than a month, embarking? in Venice. There is some thought that HAL has not yet been able to make a plan for this since Venice has closed down the embarkation facilities used in the past. If HAL would have to change the embarkation port at this time (not just to the nearby industrial port) but to a port maybe several hours a way, any experience with this, or speculation as to how it would be handled? We do not have HAL air and are scheduled to land in Venice about 24 hours before embarkation. I would hope HAL would assist even those that do not have HAL air in the very unusual circumstance. Might a refund be offered? If anyone is aware this problem has been resolved, would love to know - many rumors are afoot. THANKS!

  12. So I see the HAL notice says those embarking in the US must have test done beforehand, test will not done at pier. We are (dare we hope) embarking in Venice so for EU cruises, will HAL do the tests at pier?


    Of course that assumes HAL has an embarkation pier lined up for us in Venice - that seems to be unclear at this time🤣

  13. A huge THANK YOU to Tfquig - I read earlier this morning about RCCL starting this for their sails and went into an immediate funk about another! hoop to make sure is done. Then was calculating when test should / could be done before TA flight. We actually embark in Venice but for now I will asume if CCL brands require this test, they will provide the testing.

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  14. We hope to be on a Med. cruise in Sept. In the past, we have always planned our shore excursions before departure but on this trip we have no plans made at this point. I am looking for experiences from folks that have just walked off the ship and "gone with it" - both good and bad. Does not have to be in the Med. We are visiting Zadar, Hvar and then onto various Greek islands, ending in Athens. Thanks for any feedback / adventures!

  15. We are long time Celebrity fans - only sailed with HAL a few times. We did sail on The Edge in Nov. 2019 before the Covid hit. We really liked the older ships.


    Pay attention to what is said about the "infinite verandahs" and see if you think you would like that. They are different, more like a sun room. In the end, we were OK with ours - there may be some more traditional options, probably not many.


    We have always thought X had better food than HAL - very good beef and lamb options - fish and seafood, not so much. On the Edge, X introduced the four different main dining rooms - each with a different theme, altho much of the food offered is the same, with a few specialites specific to the various restaurants. We really liked that and did anytime dining trying each of the four. Make reservations if you can. Not sure how all will be operating after the Covid.


    I think with The Edge (and Apex) X is really trying to appeal to younger cruises. We find HAL more refined - we like the art,  fresh flowers, and historical context. But any day on either line is a very, very good day!

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  16. We are vacinnated but as I understand it, we must still get a covid test before US reentry from international destinations. We are booked on a Med. cruise, ending in Athens. We planned to fly home the day the ship gets in port but now I am panicking about getting the Covid test. Might we be able to get it on the ship? - seems it would be smart for HAL to offer that. Our cruise ends near the end of Sept. - of course I hope regulations will change but this morning I am thinking I might need to have a better plan!

  17. We have a cruise booked (Med.) in Sept. Does any one know at this point if the will be anytime dining, buffets and DIY walk-abouts in ports. As I mentioned we will be mainly in Greece, but wondering about cruises on HAL (or others) in other parts of the world as well. Thanks!

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