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  1. I don't follow HAL too closely but it seems to me the current Explore 4 is a good offer esp. if you get a verandah and up because besides "the 4" which aren't super impressive, you get free internet - that's a valuable perk. And in the current promo, at least for the cruise I'm looking at, the cruise only fare, plus OBC given, equals the Explore 4 fare so it seems a decent deal to me since I know I'll run up grats, beverages and maybe a excursion or two. The 50% deposit is refundable. If you cancel and rebook (to reprice) what happens with your EZ Air - does that get cancelled and needs to rebook that as well.
  2. Not sure you will even see this or maybe it's too late! As best I can remember from about 6 years ago, I'm not sure that there is more than one that is near the port - maybe about a 10 minute walk. My husband and I went and had a great time - it was our first time at a haman. I'm sure it is not as nice / elaborate as you would find in Istanbul but there was the lovely hot marble slab, a slather of bubbles, relaxing massage, followed by tea. I'd suggest you take your bathing suits. Hope you see this and really hope you make it to the haman. Enjoy!
  3. What itinerary - what part of the world - are you in? Thanks!
  4. CCL is much more generous with their stockholder benefit than RCL. We took a cruise that we booked about a month out, so discounted from earleir bookings and got the credit. If you see a cruise you like, call and ask - hopefully you will get a knowledgeable person at the cll center.
  5. Time for another dining thread? We are going on the Edge soon, first time on that ship, been on X many other times. We will eat most nights in the various MDR's - anyone want to give mention to items from the portion of the menus devoted to the cuisine of that dining room's theme? Many items sound good! what recommendations do you have? Thanks!
  6. Well I just booked for a spring trip and feel like I've won the lottery the price was such a deal! My flights are on Delta - can I expect FF credit? but really, the price was so good, I'd be OK not getting any!
  7. I'm so glad I read this thread! so when we have booked a cruise we can then book the HAL air flights (flexible)? We will pay nothing until final payment, have reserved seats and can cancel at any point, no charge? Is there any "catch" I am missing? Thanks!
  8. Well re-thinking the arriving day of....but now another question - I purchase a Delta seat thru HAL - let's say I miss a connection at CDG - who will I deal with HAL? or Delta?
  9. Am considering using HAL air and flying for arrival the day the ship leaves from Venice. So then a sea day and then Katalon? small port. So what if......would Hal pay for my stay in Venice? transport me to the small port...next stop is Athens. Has anyone had personal experience with this kind of scenario? - would appreciate thoughts and actual detail as how it played out for you. You don't need to advise me to go into Venice early - been there, done that, seen the major sights.......way too many tourists now to be very enjoyable IMPO (in my persoanl opinion).
  10. I put a booking on hold thru the website. Now I have had several calls from personal cruise conultants - left messages as I rarely answer my phone. I'm pretty sure if I return a call, I would end up leaving a message and start a game of phone tag. I don't really have any questions nor want to be sold enhancements - any reason to make a connection with a pcc? I figure it's easier to just call in and speak with whoever answers the phone if I need something in the future. Thanks!
  11. Nieuw Amsterdam room on deck 8 near the back - can you give me any info / advice? It seems to be under the pool towards the rear of the boat. I'm thinking that should be all right. I'm hoping not under a galley? but I see these rooms are less expensive that on the lower decks? any particular reason? Thanks!
  12. So I'm looking at Explore 4 - I am not very familiar with HAL's pricing fluctuations / machinations. I can read what Explore 4 involves - well no free grats or beverages - "free" internet with verandah and nice OBC (for grats and beverages). Should I see this as enticing? I'm not going to book last minute so if this is a once or twice a year good deal, book it. But I have time to wait and see. Any advice.
  13. Did I spell that right?! What has your experience been with booking a balcony guaranty - looking at this option on a Nieuw Statdam (sp?!) cruise for next fall. Thanks!
  14. I'm sure this answer may be on this board somewhere - please excuse my laziness! Can HAL OBC or shareholder credit be used for gratuities? Also price of internet packages? Thanks!
  15. I think this year there is a cruise in the fall (now?) that goes from Amsterdam to Barcelona - I've been looking at 2020 itineraries and not seeing anything like that. Anyone know if there is a cruise like that in fall 2020? thanks!
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