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  1. Wow thanks for this - had no idea this could be done! Now we'll have to see what actually transpires in Sept.
  2. We are long time Celebrity fans - only sailed with HAL a few times. We did sail on The Edge in Nov. 2019 before the Covid hit. We really liked the older ships. Pay attention to what is said about the "infinite verandahs" and see if you think you would like that. They are different, more like a sun room. In the end, we were OK with ours - there may be some more traditional options, probably not many. We have always thought X had better food than HAL - very good beef and lamb options - fish and seafood, not so much. On the Edge, X introduced the four different main dining
  3. We are vacinnated but as I understand it, we must still get a covid test before US reentry from international destinations. We are booked on a Med. cruise, ending in Athens. We planned to fly home the day the ship gets in port but now I am panicking about getting the Covid test. Might we be able to get it on the ship? - seems it would be smart for HAL to offer that. Our cruise ends near the end of Sept. - of course I hope regulations will change but this morning I am thinking I might need to have a better plan!
  4. We have a cruise booked (Med.) in Sept. Does any one know at this point if the will be anytime dining, buffets and DIY walk-abouts in ports. As I mentioned we will be mainly in Greece, but wondering about cruises on HAL (or others) in other parts of the world as well. Thanks!
  5. TMLA alum - I thought at the credits at the end of the movie there were short glimpses of most of the passengers and crew seen earlier in the movie - including the infected passengers. Crew members shown back in their homelands and some even expressing willingness to work again on ships. I noticed it mentioned number of passengers that died but not crew. Many of the shots they showed of the crew and stateroom TV feed were quite impressive / positive as to attitudes of the staff and cruise line. It was an interesting show.
  6. Well I'm encouraged that they hope to be sailing - I am booked on one of the Venice to Greece itineraries but I wish they would have put something in that press release about any changes that will be on the ships - surely there will be some! and esp. will we be able to DIY once at the ports!
  7. Sorry Roz - I used to check in frequently, too depressing now but hey, you got to add to your number of postings!😉 Well now I wonder why I don't get HAL emails - are any deals offered? like $50 deposits? Thanks!
  8. Long ago, when we were all sailing, there were many threads like this. Different times! but something I have noticed, X keeps sending me emails, deals, price machinations, and as far as I can tell, HAL seems to have stopped such enticements. I get no emails from HAL. I rebooked a cruise back in June for next May and check from time to time and see no price flucuations. I was hoping for lower price, seems they are just offering sort of "have it all" pricing but maybe they are just waiting to see what the situation is going to be. By the way, does anyone know when either X or HAL pl
  9. We are booked for early May 2021 - Italy, Greece, Turkey - a rebooking of a similar trip we had booked for May 2020. I so want to go but the longer this goes on, I'm not too sure about 2021 being very robust for cruising. What do you think?
  10. Well at 7 am I was dialing up X - even tho the website stated opening was at 7, the recording would say it was closed. Finally around 8:15 got an agent, presented my problem, he needed to check with "resolutions" and surprise, no one there😝. Tried again at 9:15, no wait to get "front line" - first given wrong info but after about 10 minutes I was told I would receive a refund of my non-refundable deposit because X cancelled the cruise in about 45 days - fingers crossed. Calling early is good but opening times seem to be a bit "squishy".
  11. Satisfaction? maybe - because X cancelled the cruise, I am hoping to get back my non-refundable deposit. After some phone shennanigans this morning, I have been told that I will get my $$$ in about 45 days. It took several calls but I've got my fingers crossed.
  12. It has been my understanding that if X cancelled, we would get our non-refundable deposit refunded. X did cancel our NE / Canada cruise for late Sept.as Canada closed ports so I'm hoping for $$$$ back - we'll see.
  13. well 32 minutes and I'm folding - worried if I took the advice of Davekathy I'd drink way too much and it's not 5 o'clock yet - will call early in the am.
  14. I have called X - went thru the menu and pressed the # to discuss refund - I seem to be on hold but there is no music or sales pitches - have they just dumped me into a black hole or should I be patient?
  15. Celebrity cancelled our Sept. cruise and I was offered 125% FCC or refund. I requested refund - we had only paid our non-refundable deposit but I was under the impression because Celebrity cancelled we would indeed have our deposit refunded. Today I got notice of a FCC. So that is how it is working?😒I booked directly with X - should I try calling them? And it wasn't even for 125%😒😒
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