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  1. I am scheduled to take a Viking Ocean cruise in Europe in a couple of weeks. I am just curious if anyone's cancelled their cruise and if they canceled through their travel agent or called Viking directly. How was your experience canceling?
  2. My concern waiting for a private taxi is that our plane leaves at 9:00 am, which means we will have to leave the port around 6:00 am at the latest, and I wondered if taxi's we be available that early?
  3. To Danish Viking and/or anyone else with knowledge about Copenhagen: My husband and I will be in port in Copenhagen for one evening and a full day on the Viking Star the first couple days of April. The cruise includes a three hour walking tour for the morning and then we will be free for the entire afternoon and evening. Suggestions for what we should do such as Viking Museum or food tour....is there a hop on hop off bus and is it worthwhile? Restaurant suggestions? It sounds in reading the various comments that taxis may be hard to access so assuming Viking Cruises will have shuttle
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