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  1. Thanks for your advice. We are actually in Canada. My son has spoken to a university here about this field of study. (this interest came after a university visited his high school to discuss this program) Out of the possible choices he has been talking about, this is the only one we know nothing about!! We have been doing a lot of research, though! We are aware there are many avenues this course of study can lead to for careers...just thought he may benefit and gain some insight speaking with a captain and seeing how things work!
  2. Thanks so much for the quick reply. We will definitely follow your advice! We appreciate your help!!
  3. Hello. I have a son who is starting to decide the path he will take once he graduates from high school. One of the options he is looking into is nautical sciences. We are cruising on the Nieuw Statendam March 3rd - 10th. I am curious if you know if there is a tour or a way for him to see the bridge during our cruise. If he could talk to the captain that would be even better! Thanks!
  4. Thanks for sharing the picture catl331 and thank you jabcruiser for sharing your experience. We had a similar verandah on a Princess cruise so I am not concerned but was curious. I think we will enjoy the larger balcony as there are 5 of us travelling. We do have 2 cabins but it will be nice to all fit on one balcony!
  5. Thanks for the information. I figured that may be the case!!
  6. On the Nieuw Statendam on deck 4 there are some cabins that have deeper balconies. We are looking at 4171 or 4173. I am wondering if the balconies above these ones can look down on these balconies or are they still private/fully covered like the regular size balconies? Any information about these cabins/ balconies would be appreciated!
  7. We are also a family of six. My husband and I cruised a few times then decided to take our four children on a cruise. I was adamant that we have connecting rooms. It worked out great and we all had a wonderful time. The second cruise we booked with the kids there were no connecting cabins in the area we wanted so we took a chance and booked side by side cabins. We always book balcony cabins so we just used the balcony door to go back and forth between rooms...that worked just as well for us. (like you, we had teenagers so it was a safe way to do it. Actually I think my husband stayed in one cabin and I stayed in the other anyway! haha!)
  8. I roll everything when packing then hang everything as soon as we arrive in our cabin. This works ok!
  9. I also pack Lysol wipes and do a wipe down as soon as we arrive to our cabin. It may do nothing but it may help! If anything it makes me feel better!!!!
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