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  1. Great Idea, Hoopster95. I will no longer be on this cruise but I will be in Vancouver to see her arrive.
  2. Yeah, the moon and stars and stuff are always flopping around all willy nilly. Hard to predict those tides.
  3. Ok, we are on the May 2 Hawaii cruise that will be staying an extra day in port due to inspections. It will be skipping Kona so we are thinking of catching a flight to Kona on May 2 and returning May 3. The problem is that we will not be able to check in on the cruise ship on May 2nd. AT least, not physically. It also appears that we cannot just leave our luggage at the ship until after 10 am on May 2nd, which will be after our flight. No big deal, as we can leave them at the airport but it would be awesome to be able to leave them with the ship and have our luggage in our room when we board on the 3rd. Would any of this be possible? Must we be at the ship physically on the May 2nd? Thanks for your help.
  4. Oh, you know what? You are right! I have been so wrong! Thank you for straightening me out. I apologize for upsetting you.
  5. You should try rereading my posts. I have already said that I will still enjoy the cruise. I also said that it appears as though RC is being honest. I just want to be sure as I am on the fence about Royal and this would make my decision for me. AT this point, I will still probably cruise with them. But, I want to be sure.
  6. It is possible that I will be unable but I will NOT be misinformed. When I research, I verify, verify, verify.
  7. To what end? Really?!? To know whether or not they lied to us and used their own policies to to leave us stuck with a cruise that they knew was going to be pretty bare. If that is the case, we will no longer cruise with them. This is not the only problem we have had with Royal recently. It is just the last straw. Actually, this entire thread has really maginiefd my suspicions will all the people saying to just let it go or that people that question the changes are troublesome. Again, we will go on this cruise and we will enjoy it so I’m not sure why anyone, outside of RC or their employees, would be bothered by my simply checking into this issue. BTW, cheng is on the money and it appears that Royal did not know until the last minute but I want to be sure. I would think you all would want to be sure but I certainly wouldn’t judge anyone that chooses to let it go. I would appreciate the same courtesy.
  8. Yes, of course. Everyone is allowed to speculate. Nothing wrong with that and as I said, we can try to figure it out later. Nothing wrong with that. As I said, I am basing my thoughts on what Royal told me. I don't know when they knew but I will continue to work on trying to find out.
  9. Yes, I did read all the replies but I am basing my response on what RC told me. They mentioned none of what you are speculating. They said they didn't know which day. They said it over and over again. All I am saying is that we should be willing to continue to look into this. Nothing wrong with that idea.
  10. ggtjr, Yes, we already have plans to go there during the week that we already will be spending in Oahu before the cruise.
  11. I spoke with an rep from RCI on Saturday and I got the same info as most everyone else. SHe told me that Royal was very shocked with the last minute request from the Coast Guard. I asked her if they didn't realize that the ship would have to be inspected when it got to the US and she said yes, they did but they didn't know the exact DAY that it would be required. I said that Royal certainly knew it was going to happen when they got to the Hawaii, but she reiterated they did not know the exact DAY. Clearly, they knew it was going to happen in Hawaii but they are playing a little game here by saying they didn't know what day. I asked if we could cancel with no penalty and I told her of all the folks on here that said it was still a great deal and the how anyone would be happy with the current itinerary and RC should EASILY be able to fill our cabin but she said no go.Odd. We do plan on going on this cruise and I ALWAYS roll with things and we will still have a good time but I don't think it is wise to let Royal steam roll us with this crap. Maybe we can later get to the bottom of this. I get that some people are still happy with the new itenary and that great but please understand that some people cannot use the "extras" on this cruise because they are wheelchair bound or they have other reasons for really wanting the former itinerary. If you went to a rib place for dinner and they were out the beef ribs, no one would blame you for wanting to go elsewhere. It is really that simple. If you like pork ribs, understand that others don't and just move along. No need to attack people on this forum for their choices. I really thought that Royal stopped the Royal Champions program awhile back. I hope that is true.
  12. Thank you< euphscott. Again, thank you to the folks here that are kind, helpful and respectful.
  13. Thank you Salt Rocker and Birdie for understanding the situation.Funny how the most negatively vocal person is not even on this cruise. Strange and kinda suspect if you ask me. Yes, changes do happen I've dealt with them in the past but my biggest concern is the timing. CMon! They didn't know about this until two days after we can no longer get half our money back? A day after Southwest realeased and sold out all their cheap Hawaii flights? And, yes, we were looking forward to cruising the coast just as much as we look forward to glacier watching in Alaska. Plus, we are missing Kona. Again, things happen but we doubt that Royal did not know about this earlier.I would definitely cancel a cruise if I learned it was no longer going to go to the glacier because that is what I look forward to the most. I never cruised just to be on a certain ship. That comment is just weird. We mostly took this cruise because is was a lower cost way to visit Hawaii. We are really on a budget right now because of illness in our family any vacation is a big deal to us. We will be in Honolulu for several days before the cruise so we do not really see that as a favor. I am so sorry that we cannot afford to just grab a "cheap" intr island flight Again, now that SOuthwest sold out (two days ago)all the other airlines reraised their prices. Four hundred plus dollars in addition to a place to stay etc. is just not affordable at this time. BTW< we did not pay multi thousands for this cruise. We actually paid less than a grand each. Salt Rocker and Birdie, let's keep in touch and please let me know where others are talking about this.
  14. We received this notice today about our upcoming cruise. Dear Guest: We have an itinerary change to share with you for our upcoming Ovation of the Seas, May 2nd, 2019 cruise. We must conduct two separate inspections, the Certificate of Compliance and an annual exam, to comply with U.S. Coast Guard regulations. Both are required by the U.S. government to continue sailing. In cooperation with the Coast Guard, to minimize impact to your vacation, these exams will be conducted over two sailings: the previous one and this one. The inspections are anticipated to take three consecutive days and we must remain alongside the pier till completion. As a result, we will replace Kailua Kona, Hawaii with additional time in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii. Unfortunately, we’ll be unable to visit the Napali Coast, but were able to shift the time that we sail past the Kilauea Volcano to a more suitable time. We are sorry for the inconvenience this causes and hope you take advantage of the opportunity to get a taste of Honolulu both during the day and at night. Additionally, because of this disruption to your holiday, we’re adding a refund in the value of one day of your cruise fare paid to your onboard account during your cruise. You may use this credit anywhere onboard and if you don’t use it, it’ll be refunded back onto your credit card on file. Below, please find our updated itinerary. They say they will refund us for one day but this actually changes our cruise quite a bit. two stops are gone and we are staying another day in Honolulu but we are already staying there before the trip so we really don;t want another day in Honolulu. The unfotunate thing is that we can no longer cancel our flights or our airbnb's because this notice came so last minute. We are thinking the cruise but we see no way out at this point. ANy advice at all will be much appreciated. Thank you.
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