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  1. I was able to accrue enough points from my NCL CC to redeem for 250.00 obc. We were hoping to purchase 2 250$ cruise next certs on our cruise. When you purchase 2 250.00 CNC they provide you with 250$ OBC (aka buy one get one free). My question can the obc from the cc (250.00) be used to offset the 250.00 that will be charged to the on board account for the certs? basically getting 500.00 for free? I don't see any reason why they couldn't be but thought i would confirm here before calling NCL.
  2. we do the "frugal" method and get a guaranteed room super cheap and order a bottle of vodka for the room. gonna make our own cocktails.
  3. Has anyone brought on a small blender for use in their room? We are traveling on the Breakaway.
  4. That is what I thought Aero777. Don't feel like the Haven perks will be worth it to us then, especially when the cost (for us) is a bit high. Maybe one day. I think for this one we will just spend that extra upgrade money on a few drinks or in the casino. If the haven included some kind of included drinks or other perks that we would use then maybe. Thanks for your reply i just wanted to be sure i wasn't missing something in the fine print.
  5. I got through the first 25 pages and didn't see my question. I wasn't going to wade through 140 more pages. Sorry. I have a SailAway Balcony booked on the Breakaway in late Jan. ( i know we are no where close to upgrade offer time). When we booked we were luck enough to actually chose our cabin #8110 (super huge balc room). When and if the upgrade offer comes we would only be interested in the Haven class options due to already having a larger balcony than most Mini suites and I am not really interested in a larger bathroom, honestly. So my ? is...... Since we have a Sailaway (NO PERKS) what if anything would be included as "extras" with the upgrade to Haven? I understand they have a private pool, hot tub, dining area, butler, concierge. But would we be eligible for anything else? Just trying to see if it would be worth it to upgrade to the Haven or not. I am thinking not just based on the price we paid for the room we have but wanted to be sure I wasn't missing anything that would make it "worth it". TIA
  6. Thanks all!! I have only booked a dive through the ship once due to time restrictions in Bonaire. There were 20 of us on one boat and 2 DM's/ needless to say i didn't even get on the boat. Plus so much better one on one service through a private op. They "get to know you" in the first 10 minutes for your safety and theirs so i will always go the indi route or not at all. I will look into all the recommendations you have provided. Again thank you all!
  7. Do you recommend diving at the following and if so with whom? Ocho Rios (think i may not haven't heard good things about diving in Jamaica in general) Grand Cayman (100% for sure on this one unless there are tender issues) Roatan (100% for sure on this one) Used Coconut diving last time but conditions were Horrible. Coz (on the fence have dove 2x already) Used H2O but looking for other op this time. Also anyone know how the private islands work when trying to set up outside dive's? We stop at Great stirrup Cay and Harvest Cay. I am thinking those 2 may be a wash if i cant get a private vendor. TIA 🙂
  8. I dived with bas a few years back and really enjoyed it. He and his staff make it a really great experience.
  9. i am wondering when NCL "opens" the booking option for sail away rooms? I am looking at a cruise for end of Jan 2020 on the Breakaway. The Sail Away's are listed but all sold out. thinking they are holding them back and will open them at a later time but when? i am also wondering if the Next cruise certs can be used to purchase a sail away class cabin. TIA everyone
  10. We chose the Dining and the 50$ excursion credit. We also had a 50$ excursion credit for it being a "distinctive voyage" when we booked (making in 100/port credit) so we were easily able to find beach breaks for @ 50$/person through the ship. if you figure they are giving you 50$ a day on an 11 port stop cruise that is like them giving you 550$ to spend. granted the choices are limited most times through the ship but it was what worked best for us in our situation. Good luck choosing!
  11. The bold doesn't show up on all devises or platforms. I would just type it out CRUCON.
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