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  1. my 2c after the most recent request by the lines to resume was denied, a letter MAY have been sent threatening international legal action against the US for "discrimination" against the lines, which prompted this change by the CDC. I could definitely see something very messy happen if cruising is not permitted to resume as a whole from the US soon.
  2. um but how would canada enforce this if someone didnt want to play nice? Do they have a Navy? and does it consist of anything more then a couple canoes? sorry just something to lighten the mood.
  3. I can finmd where to change my email address, i can change passowrd, but not email address. Any help? or is it todays issues ?
  4. I was able to accrue enough points from my NCL CC to redeem for 250.00 obc. We were hoping to purchase 2 250$ cruise next certs on our cruise. When you purchase 2 250.00 CNC they provide you with 250$ OBC (aka buy one get one free). My question can the obc from the cc (250.00) be used to offset the 250.00 that will be charged to the on board account for the certs? basically getting 500.00 for free? I don't see any reason why they couldn't be but thought i would confirm here before calling NCL.
  5. we do the "frugal" method and get a guaranteed room super cheap and order a bottle of vodka for the room. gonna make our own cocktails.
  6. Has anyone brought on a small blender for use in their room? We are traveling on the Breakaway.
  7. That is what I thought Aero777. Don't feel like the Haven perks will be worth it to us then, especially when the cost (for us) is a bit high. Maybe one day. I think for this one we will just spend that extra upgrade money on a few drinks or in the casino. If the haven included some kind of included drinks or other perks that we would use then maybe. Thanks for your reply i just wanted to be sure i wasn't missing something in the fine print.
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