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  1. If the port in NYC is actually opened by Sept/Oct, my guess would be that these Breakaway cruises out of NYC to Canada will be switched to either a Bermuda or Bahama cruises as Canada is not allowing cruises until sometime in 2022 and that is why they have not cancelled the Canada cruises yet.
  2. Thanks. Are you referring to the Vibe or the Haven?
  3. Do the front elevators go all the way to deck 17? I'm looking at deck plans and it doesn't look like it. If no, I assume to get to the vibe you must walk up at least 1 flight of stairs as well as if you staying in the haven, you must walk up a flight of stairs to get to the sundeck? Thanks, Chris
  4. I was thinking the same thing until they moved the Joy to Jamaica. There should be no reason the Breakaway can't take the slot in Bermuda that the Joy had for Sept/Oct
  5. They still have all Sept/Oct cruises from NYC to Canada on the Breakaway posted. My hope is if they are allowing cruises from NYC by then that these will change to Bermuda or Bahama cruises.
  6. I happened to see this on the NCL homepage this morning. I'm not sure how long it was there but it does sound promising. READY TO BREAK FREE? SO ARE WE! We’ve been working non-stop preparing our ships and our crew to welcome you back on board our amazing fleet – and we’ve got some exciting news to share very soon! Sign up below to be the first to know details about our return to the sea!
  7. I believe that was a rumor going around a while back that once they start up that capacity would be limited to a certain %. Regardless of the vaccine, I believe that mask and social distancing will still be required until the virus is no longer a threat and that will mean limiting the capacity because there is no way they can accomplish social distancing at full capacity. This all all just my opinion however.
  8. I'm thinking US based cruises will have some sort of startup sometime late this summer with a requirement of a vaccine for all staff and passengers. 50% occupancy and test pre board. There should be no reason they should not be allowed to do this and I'm sure they will have plenty of people to fill the 50% limit.
  9. It looks as though the Joy is off the coast of the Philippines. My assumption is they are picking up crew for the fleet. Hopefully this is a good sign for starting up cruising again.
  10. Your Bonus 25% FCC does not go as a payment on the rebooked cruise. It goes to lower the base cruise price. So if that rebooked cruise also gets cancelled you don't get that back. You would only get back the base cruise price back in FCC of the rebooked cruise. This also applies to the 20% off rebooked cruise (when they were offering that).
  11. This was discussed in length on other treads when it happened. The day before they announced the first round of cancellations, they raised all future cruises on average 25%. It no different from when they start one of their "Sales" in which the day before the sale starts most cruises jump by the same amount of the sale.
  12. I believe they will sail no matter how many cabins are sold/unsold. There is no way they want to refund even more money. I would also think that if they start cruising in September out of NYC that a lot of people that had their cruises canceled and are hanging on to their FCC will start booking into these initial start up cruises and those cabins will fill up quickly.
  13. If they are cruising out of NYC in September (and I believe they will - just my opinion however) the cruise will sail. If Canada is not re-opened yet they will just go somewhere else. Good luck.
  14. I called to cancel my add ons for my cruise (scheduled for 4/12) on 3/27. NCL cancelled the cruise on 3/30. I was told 7/10 days for the refund of the add-ons. Still have not received it.
  15. Correct, as long as they cancelled and not you.
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