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  1. Thank you that is really useful to know
  2. Hi In March I emailed Carl Mesilio (Gibraltar Inside Out Rock Tours) as this company has a Certificate of excellence on Trip Advisor. At the time he did have availability that day. He advised that The Standard Tour consisting of four stops takes 1.5 hours which include Pillars of Hercules, St Michaels Cave, Top of the Rock with Interaction with the Apes and Great Siege Tunnels. However, the price goes from £85.00 each for 2 people down to £25.00 if there is 8 people. He also gave prices for 7,6,5,4 and 3 people. He also does The Extended tour which takes approximately 2.30 hours this consists of 6 stops which include Europa Point, 100 Tonne Gun, St Michaels Cave, top of the Rock with interaction with the apes, Great Siege Tunnels and Moorish Castle as we drive down towards the old Town of Gibraltar. This starts at £145.00 per person if there are only 2 people, but reduced to £40.00 per person if there are 8. Finally there is theThe intermediate tour takes approximately 3.30 hours this consists of 7 stops which includes 100 Tonne Gun, Europa Point, The Pillars of Hercules, St Michaels Cave, Interaction with our Rock Apes, the Great Siege tunnels and The Moorish Castle. After visiting sights I would then drive down through the old town and would also drive over the airport runway towards the Spanish border just meters away from Spain you will even see Spanish Customs at work, on this excursion we get to drive 360 degrees (east/south side) around Gibraltar so you don’t get to miss out on anything. This starts at £205 per person for 2 people down to £55.00 for 8 I did not book anything as I did not know anyone else on the cruise and felt that it was not cost effective booking for just the 2 of us and I was also advised that there would be plenty of local taxis. This does give you an idea of possible trips on offer though and i would be willing to do this trip if others were interested.
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