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  1. [COLOR="red"][B]Music:[/B] It’s sets the mood with music almost everywhere, but as it’s also the same homogeneous pop-music every day, it’s actually becomes a nuisance after a few days where you suddenly find yourself looking for a music-free place (and no, not even the library is a silent). [/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]All over the ship the attention to details and design is remarkable, so why not design the music as well? Some very strong suggestions: Turn down the volume the places where people eat (give them a chance to talk), change music in corridors to relaxing and soothing, add some extra class in The Grand with classic music (not modern jazz) and have some quite-zones[/COLOR]. Thanks for writing this review, I'm really looking forward to our cruise now but your comments about the music being all over the ship are concerning me especially as our cruise is 14 nights long. This is not the first time it has been mentioned, in fact I have been reading reviews on Facebook and the subject keeps cropping up. I'm no fuddy-duddy but it is nice to sit and relax in some places on the ship, other than your cabin, that are either music free or where the music is not too loud. Have any past cruisers on Anthrm or Quantum found that elusive quiet-zone yet?
  2. floridaglen

    Anthem of the Seas

    65% of cruisers loved it. That's from 23 reviews on Cruise Critic. Cruiser rating Excellent - 12 Very Good - 3 Average - 7 Poor - 0 Terrible - 1
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    Warning for hump lovers

    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
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    Anthem ots some information

    No, we are on a 14 night cruise. Below is a copy of the email I received: Experience something truly special, hosted exclusively onboard Anthem of the SeasSM, with our brand new Royal Evening beginning on sailings departing from 6 May 2015. This unique event takes place on the second night of your holiday (more often on longer voyages), and will even be attended by the Captain! It’s the perfect opportunity to dress your best, get together with family, friends and other guests, and enjoy an evening of tempting food, fantastic music and incredible entertainment. As well as a stylish champagne reception in the Royal Esplanade and Via, you’ll be treated to a delectable dinner with exclusive Chef’s Special options at the onboard restaurants. And with a host of exciting entertainment offerings around the ship - including Casino specials and some spectacular live music performances - this truly is an evening like no other, and it's only available onboard Anthem of the SeasSM. We can't wait to welcome you onboard. The Royal Caribbean Crew
  5. floridaglen

    Anthem ots some information

    It does look as though they will be doing just that according to the email a lot of us received yesterday.
  6. floridaglen

    Dynamic Classic on Anthem (inaugural)

    Unfortunately, all who have replied to the OP's question have experienced DD Choice. Has anybody tried DD [U]Classic[/U] and how did that work out for you?
  7. I'm intrigued to know what a chocolate breakfast is :confused:
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    Oh no!!

    [quote name='Donsyb']Just back off Anthem, all reservations were in the system, no lines to get into the restaurants and longest dinner was in grande and took an hour and a half. I heard some complaints about ling wait times in chops but we didnt go there.[/QUOTE] Sounds good to me, can't wait!:)
  9. [quote name='cruisevv']So you're saying the Windjammer was as normal - a buffett with informal dining? But you had to reserve a time slot to get in? Thank you![/QUOTE] No reservations are needed for The Windjammer, it's a buffet.
  10. floridaglen

    Dynamic Classic on Anthem (inaugural)

    [quote name='johala_reewi']We had normal dynamic dining (not the classic) but the introduction of classic meant that large blocks of tables were suddenly no longer available (due to being used for classic dining). Also, the classic diners often took longer than planned so availability for late dynamic diners was impacted.[/QUOTE] How late is late please?
  11. floridaglen

    Wash your Hands

    To wash your hands for the correct length of time you should sing the Happy Birthday song twice over (either to yourself or out loud if you prefer :))
  12. floridaglen

    Anthem - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    No need to apologise at all, I enjoyed reading your review and it made me laugh when I read 'the ugly'!
  13. floridaglen

    Anthem - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    Many thanks for your review. I was a bit concerned when I saw 'the bad' and 'the ugly' in your heading but needn't have been as we aren't drinkers and there wasn't any ugly! Suits us just fine :)
  14. floridaglen

    Menus on Anthem listed May 15

    Great, thanks for the link.
  15. floridaglen

    Anthem Maiden Voyage Review

    Thank you so much for writing a review. I have been waiting in anticipation to read a full review and yours has not disappointed. I was feeling a bit skeptical after reading all the negatives on Quantum but now I am really looking forward to our cruise in September. Hope you enjoy your cruise on Harmony, we hope to be sailing on her either the end of 2016 or beginning of 2017.