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  1. I guess the DL concierge could also arrange it? Have you tried the puzzle room yourself? I'm assuming there are very limited numbers available?
  2. Hi, I heard the Ovation has a puzzle room, anyone here tried it? How do you go about booking it? Thanks! 🙂
  3. You and me both! Agree that if Serenade was an all year positioning in Australia then it would be something new and appreciated, as cruising in our cooler Winter months would be a nice change. But a newer different class of ship or as I've suggested previously new ports of call added would be top of the wish list.
  4. Who should? If you mean me then it makes no sense, as I was calmly & logically replying to what was a comment to 'get over myself' which doesn't warrant any need for deep breathing on my part. Having a polite discussion with no personal commentary was what I was doing. If you meant someone else then all good & we can go about our business as if this conversation never happened. LOL Moving on... what about Vision of the seas?
  5. I don't get your reply - I am a RCCL cruiser in Australia, in fact I'm a very regular RCCL cruiser so your post isn't relevant to me - it isn't big news for regular Royal cruisers out of Sydney was what I was saying - Brisbane cruisers I'm sure are pleased & I'm happy for them, but another ship exactly the same as the oldest ship in the Royal Australian fleet cruising out of Sydney is not IMO a big deal for regular Royal cruisers.
  6. I have been on her twice to NZ & last cruise we had some high seas & all was fine. She is a big ship so you hardly notice movement most of the time, but it will vary throughout the ship with mid ship areas/cabins on most ships experiencing less movement. Lovely ship - especially the adults only solarium area - love that space! :)
  7. Another older Radiance class ship - nothing exciting there for Sydney based cruisers, basically nothing changes if that is Royal's 'big' news from their email promo the other day. I knew I shouldn't get too excited! LOL
  8. Well they are promising two 'big' things in their email advert - a 'big adventure' & a 'big debut', so debut has to be a first for something unless they don't know the meaning of the word - but then again their idea of big may not be ours - it could be something as uneventful as a real replacement for the noodle house debuting on Ovation! LOL Big adventure - may just be some of the new shore excursions they have added to NZ etc? Not often that their marketing lives up to the promise for me. But I'm ever hopeful! 😄
  9. But it does have some of the best diving in the world! :)
  10. I'm just hoping it's new ports in the South Pacific or a few longer itineraries thrown in so we can shake things up a bit without having to fly home from somewhere. New ships are great, but when they keep going to the same places nearly every cruise (even less than before - whatever happened to Champagne Bay, Luganville? How about adding Tonga, Samoa, Tahiti on cruises other than just repos) it get a bit like groundhog day. Noumea again - great (not) - all you Aussies reading this know what I mean.
  11. We about 6.5 hours drive from Sydney & always leave the day before, stay overnight close to the OPT in a nice hotel & enjoy the leisurely lead up to the cruise. I know US vacation times if you are working are less than ours, so maybe you have a time restriction but anything can happen & delay your flight - leave early & reduce your stress levels is my advice.:) Enjoy your time in Australia when you get here.
  12. Interesting. We cruised on Solstice in 2015 or 16 and found it to be very good, I don't recall any issues with cool food in the buffet etc. We had cruised up to Diamond level on Royal prior. The Venison I had in Murano was the best I've ever eaten and their gelato bar offerings were delicious including the gelato in the buffet. However, that was a few years ago, so maybe something changed which would be a shame.
  13. Thanks for your input, but we have decided the price isn't worth it for us. We are scuba divers so the glass bottom boat isn't our thing, not really swayed by food as we get plenty of that on the ship and we get free drinks onboard as well. :) So we are looking into some other options, but not really worried if we end up staying on board this time round in Noumea.
  14. Thanks for the replies. Seems it's overpriced for what it is & for what interests us, so we will give it a miss & check out the other options mentioned.
  15. Hi, Been to Noumea like most regular cruisers many times & the only thing we haven't done that interests us is the Amedee Island day trip at $274 per person at today's rate. We love to snorkel on good reefs with a lot of sea life (think Lifou's Jinek Bay) or Scuba Dive if an option (we are certified divers) & the historical lighthouse interests us. Is the reef really nice? How does it compare to other regular island stops like Mystery Island, Lifou or Isle Of Pines? So for those who have been to Amadee in the last year or so - do you think it was worth the price? Thanks.:)
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