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  1. Yes - it shows up on the website now. Looks like I got a upgrade !
  2. So I know this post was a bit ago BUT I can add to the confusion. I was booked on the April 9, 2022 cruise as well and never got notified of the changes. last week I looked on the app and it changed the 7nt Mexico grand cayman cruise to Apr. 9-18 9 night eastern carib cruise. I called and they sent me a new booking confirmation with all the ports listed. The rep last week was unable to find the sailing in his system or on the website so they were going to get back to me this week to let me know if it had been suspended. I just spoke to a rep and she stated the cruise now
  3. Hi all - so I’m baffled and so is Celebrity. After all the rebookings due to COVID, I found and booked the April 9, 2022 7 night trip on the Reflection (Mexico, Jamaica, Grand Cayman). This trip was confirmed back in January this year. I logged into my account a few days ago and now it says I am booked on a April 9, 2022 9-night Eastern Caribbean trip on the same ship. Neither of these cruises are on Celebrities website and when I called Celebrity, the agent couldn’t locate them either. They were able to pull up a booking confirmation for both itineraries but outside of tha
  4. Look like Carnival is going for a soft start in November. It might be the best way to “test the waters” of cruising during a pandemic. Curious what X will do...
  5. Same - moved an MLife Caribbean cruise from April this year to March 2021. Hopefully I’ll be able to do it again as we slowly creep towards more cancellations 🤦🏾‍♀️
  6. 71 Days!😲 I finally received my refund which was done in 1 credit that totaled the port fees/taxes and dinner for two at a speciality restaurant. Very happy to move on from this and I look forward to whenever I can travel anywhere by any means again. stay safe all!
  7. I have dealt with this - Celebrity I got a free cruise offer for RC through MLife back in August 2019 And I was required to book by October 2019. I booked my cruise for April 25th 2020 with Celebrity which obviously didn’t happen. I called the casino line the day before they announced the cancellation and they moved me to a cruise in 2021. I had to repay port fees and taxes but they claimed I’d be refunded for those fees on the cruise I cancelled ( I still haven’t been refunded). There was no formal program or L&S when this all happened but the rep was
  8. Oh no!! I can’t imagine starting all over! 😞 My cruise was basically free so all Im waiting on is the port fees/taxes and the extras (Tuscany Grill). I truly feel for those out thousands $$$$ but regardless of the amount people deserve to get their hard earned money back and in a timely manner. Don’t even get me started on the concert and game refunds I’m still waiting on lol. I suppose the bright side is I was blessed to be able to afford such luxuries in the first place.
  9. Still waiting... I cancelled our cruise on March 23rd and was told the refund would take 7-10 days. Nothing. I called back April 6th and was told it actually takes 14 days. Nothing. I called back April 21st and was told it actually takes 30 calendar days and I should see the refund within the week. Nothing. I called back May 6th and was told that my booking was sent for an automatic refund on 3/24 BUT the system was overloaded and it just kinda of “sat there”. Apparently when I called on 4/21 the agent realized it was sitting there (Didn’t tell me a
  10. Now that you mention it...that gap after section 2 looks suspicious 😂 So I phoned a friend lol...I gave her your instructions and she also sees section III. We don’t have the same service provider and she’s about 80miles away from me. There is obviously 2 versions of that darn letter from Princess and hopefully Princess will be able to clarify things for those it affects (glad I’m not one of them). I do feel bad for the author of the article as I’m sure they saw the same thing I do and based their writings off of that. The biggest question I now have is which versio
  11. Ok - that’s what I did the very first time on my phone. Just followed it on my desktop and I got the same results. Are you also in Canada? I had my husband try and he too sees section 3 Just to inform: I don’t have a log in for Princess and I’ve never visited their site before this morning.
  12. 😂😂😂 Im just wondering why we are seeing different things. Maybe that explains it 😂
  13. I do see the difference BUT for sake of losing my mind, I went to my desktop and did the following: princess website clicked the booked guests link chose the advisories and cruise status link went to the health and travel advisory link dates for 4/14 I got my same results showing item III 🤷🏽‍♀️
  14. I did...same thing. Weirdest part is I have never been on their website until this morning when I read the blog. Nothing for my phone to store or save.
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