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  1. I am planning on doing the same, I live 10 minutes from the Cruise Port in Vancouver, I want to snap some photos of the ships coming in, I usually miss them because I am not up early enough
  2. Would be interested in this as well, Viking will be coming to Vancouver in May 2019, I live 10 mins from the terminal, would love to go on board and take some photos
  3. depends on what you're drinking. Martini, glass of wine, no straw. Glass of gingerale, yes straw
  4. I personally enjoy the restaurant more than Manfredi's, I think partially because once you get to know the waiters and wine stewards in the MDR the experience is much better (food nonwithstanding). I could not believe how many people I saw complaining about food options at the Chef's Table, the menus are available on the Viking App, on the T.V. all over the place.
  5. Just finished our Mediterranean cruise with Viking. They added an excursion called Alhambra Palace at night, talked to a couple that did it they said it was fantastic. It was a fairly pricey excursion, I think CAD around 300 bucks
  6. We just visited Sete a couple days ago on the Viking Sun, I quite liked the Port, it was last minute change for us so their was only an included walking tour of the town, but you could Easily spend a good 4 or 5 hours there, very nice city, great fresh seafood and good wine for that region
  7. I can say that if the band is playing in the theatre and you are on the 3rd floor you can hear them. Currently in cabin 3006 and could quite clearly hear the band playing below in the theatre , not a big big deal but really for the $$ you pay you should not be hearing it in the evenings
  8. Currently on this extension if you have any questions feel free to ask, so far it has been great, we were told we were staying at Villa Borronci but when we got to the airport we were told we were staying at Poggiale, there is a big group of us, around 30. We got in around 3pm and enjoyed some wine while watching the sun set over Tuscan wine country, really nice dinner at the Villa as well
  9. I am going on this pre-extension tomorrow, I will give you some info, I was told we are staying at Villa I barronci which is down the road from villa i poggali. The first day we don't arrive in Florence airport till roughly 1:50, so probably won't be getting to the hotel until 3pm or so which is fine, The extension stated we would be given lunch the first day but as we won't be there till 3 probably won't be happening. If you have any specific questions add them on here and I will answer. We arrive in Florence Dec. 1st!
  10. Or better yet check out some of the local tapas bars that make their own Cava in house!
  11. Or better yet check out some of the local tapas bars that make their own Cava in house!
  12. Have you been Calister on Franklin street? always a nitro there, and hello fellow Vancouver Viking Cruise Fan. I did not drink much beer on my last one, I am leaving in 2 weeks for another Viking Cruise but enjoy the cocktails, aperitifs and wine on board too much to drink the beer (again I have so many breweries a 10 minute drive from my place at home, so spoiled).
  13. We had lobster twice on a 14 day cruise, one day was your typical steamed lobster and the other was lobster thermidor, the Thermidor was very good!
  14. My wife and I did a Viking Ocean cruise last year, I was only 27 at the time and she is 29, Besides people commenting on young we were and asking if we picked the wrong line, most people were really nice and we had a great time at the Explorers bar every night. I think we lucked out on that cruise with some great guests and staff. With the $$ we spend on Viking cruise of course I know that the clientele tends to be older, but I love the service they give and the itineraries are great. We are booked for another one this December and am looking forward to it.
  15. Thanks for the info, just wanting to spend an hour or two walking around Livorno after an earlier excursion
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