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  1. Hi, I won't be able to make it to my local salon for my cruise coming up.. My question is.. has anyone ever used the woman's salon onboard for highlighting? I am thinking with the OBC I have, I could make good use of it there.. Are they say above a local salon in a small town?
  2. NCL is off the charts with the phone waiting.. for all reasons!
  3. We are two months away.. I would love to give it away to two other people.. We are talking about a 7k trip here.. Would NCL let us change the names on our cruise? Thank you all for your help!
  4. Can you go outside during sea days , or is it too windy (NYC - Bahamas)? Do you have to draw drapes at night so no light gets through for the captain area above? Thanks!
  5. I am under no illusion about the butler being the reason for getting a Haven room. We have always been in Haven area for NCL, and we never had a great butler.. so we really don't use him/her. My reasons for the aft room, would be the view. The bedroom being separate from living area.. my hubby likes to be up real early, not me. I like the bedroom next to the balcony , and believe mine would be.
  6. For those that have experienced this .. does anyone regret staying in a Haven Penthouse Aft room? I am on floor 15 , so just a 2 floors down, but totally on opposite side.. which we thought walk would do us good. BUT I am worried about giving up the ease of getting a drink right outside of room, the 2 floors of inside loungers for the cold weather days. The restaurant again right outside of room. I would change in a heart beat if to upgrade to a 2 bedroom H4 (we are only 2 of us.. so don't need the 2 br), didn't cost me 1,600 more:( I could get a H5 , but would would lose 1,200 :( I paid final payment already. There are TONS of these rooms left for my cruise. Any thoughts on how I could possibly get H4 for less.. after final payment. Went through an online travel agency.. Thanks you for any help!
  7. I so appreciate this! Thank you so much.
  8. I have paid final payment on this.. so not sure there is a lot I can do.. but I could change room to a different level. I picked floor 15.. to be some what near the Haven area ( realize it is other end of ship.. but just up a couple levels. I am afraid of this pick though.. Is there no privacy from above? It seems the Lido was above..and no outside area there to look down.. BUT I think up from that is sundeck? Would everyone be able to look down on us from there? Thanks for your help.
  9. Will I receive any perks for the Platinum level while on this cruise where I turn Platinum? Thanks.
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