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  1. Makes me wonder if the incompatibility might have anything to do with the login problem.
  2. I think this particular forum software is set up this way. I have seen the same behaviors on some other forums. VBULLETIN always shows the full time stamp whIle many others dont.
  3. Yep, I already got a simple custom activity stream. However to make one that is really good for my needs I will have to do that on my laptop from work under my employers watchful eyes. On my mobile every maneuver has a latency of at least 15 seconds and it takes way too long. Another problem is even after i have the stream made it won't be as easily accessible as I'd like. Because for some reason the forum menu containing the newspaper icon doesn't show when I use my mobile device in portrait. Little problems like that add up to my rather unfavorable user experience on a 2 year old device. On the laptop it works pretty well, I will give them that. I do hope the CC gods will change their mind about the app.
  4. I could swear we used to be able to change the custom title. Alas. Back to cool cruiser. 😎
  5. How do you manage that? I am all ears for good tricks. 😎
  6. Might be new but don't know about improved. The new site has formatting issues when used on mobile devices and is noticeably slower. The app was significantly better for mobile users.
  7. It's a matter of knowing what it was like and what it could be.
  8. There will also be parking expense, but otherwise a great plan.
  9. Good for you! That cruise price has been creeping up for a few months now. Never a reduction.
  10. That's what I am thinking. Those big flashy ads rarely accompany a true good deal.
  11. Freeport can be quite interesting if you are into industrial ports like I am. There is a great beach called gold rock that is very nice. Princess Cay is a standard cruise company made private beach but not as nice as half moon key. I prefer Freeport
  12. Capital one. I have been with them since years before they were called capital one.
  13. It doesn't work like that nowadays but years ago I did many a 3-day 4-day 3-day b2b2b to reach diamond. To be honest most 7 day cruises have the same boring ports anyway after you have done a few. If you want less visted ports you have to go longer than a week.
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