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  1. Thanks for responding everyone. I was beginning to think it was just me. lol Hopefully we will get through soon and will be able to pay on our cruise.
  2. I am trying to pay on my cruise and it gives me a page that says: JUST A MOMENT We at Carnival.com apologize for this temporary delay. We are working hard to fulfill your request. Due to the high demand it may take a few seconds longer and you now have top priority place in line. Please do not leave this page. If you do, you will lose your place. Thank you for your patience. It just sits there. Has been on this screen for an hour.😕
  3. I wonder too. I hope not since I already have some reserved as well.
  4. Great start. Cant wait for the rest.
  5. I was curious about that as well!
  6. Excited to see them when you upload them. Thanks in advance for posting them.
  7. I dont remember where I read it at (maybe another board), but it was said that parking is more expensive if you wait to purchase it at the port. We have made reservations at the Microtel in Saraland and the price that we reserved at has parking at the hotel and they will shuttle you to and from.
  8. Great review and photos so far. Thanks for sharing.
  9. We have sailed out of Miami, Tampa and Canaveral. I would have a hard time to pick between them all. I like Miami because of the area. I have always like to go and stay the night before while there and visit Bayside Market. I like Tampa because it is just so easy to get around. At one time, we lived in Brandon and we became very familiar with Port of Tampa and would just go and watch the ships leave if we were not on a cruise. The area to go and watch them leave is nice and has stores and restaurants. My first cruise ever was from Canaveral - so it holds a special place in my heart. lol It was easy to maneuver as well. DH and I are planning to leave out of Mobile for the first time later this year. We moved from FL to TN and it just seemed like was one of the closer ones for us to leave from. Mobile comments will have to wait. lol
  10. Thanks! Thats not bad. We had the most fun when we rented one in Grand Turk.
  11. I have done this in Grand Turk before and we loved it. Can you tell me about how much it was? We are not going until next year, so I was just curious. Trying to figure out now what we might want to do next year.
  12. cruisinsly

    Aruba at night

    I was wondering the same thing. Hope there is more information about it.
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