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  1. Already had done that too. Still not working. It worked on my phone, just not on my computer. I also tried it in IE and Edge. I normally stay in Chrome though.
  2. I did and cleaned out my browsing history, etc and it still did not work right.
  3. I was finally able to get the site to pull up correctly and pay on my cruise - but only through my phone. Every time I tried on the computer, the numbers would not type into the credit card field. They would fill in the area where I put how much I wanted to pay. I dont know what was going on with it - I just wanted to pay for my cruise. lol
  4. Thanks for responding everyone. I was beginning to think it was just me. lol Hopefully we will get through soon and will be able to pay on our cruise.
  5. I am trying to pay on my cruise and it gives me a page that says: JUST A MOMENT We at Carnival.com apologize for this temporary delay. We are working hard to fulfill your request. Due to the high demand it may take a few seconds longer and you now have top priority place in line. Please do not leave this page. If you do, you will lose your place. Thank you for your patience. It just sits there. Has been on this screen for an hour.😕
  6. I wonder too. I hope not since I already have some reserved as well.
  7. I was curious about that as well!
  8. Excited to see them when you upload them. Thanks in advance for posting them.
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