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  1. We were in an aft suite and the food was always hot. It was great having breakfast on the huge balcony.
  2. You have to wait in line with everyone else to get in the terminal. Took us over an hour to get in terminal two weeks ago. Once in the terminal you can go in the shorter security line and separate check-in line. Unfortunately for us that meant a longer wait for Haven then everyone else two weeks ago. We were sitting in the Haven area waiting to be called while everyone we were in line with outside boarded the ship. It was very annoying and unorganized in Port Canaveral. 2.5 hours after getting dropped off we finally made it on the ship.
  3. I was on the same sailing. My 12 yo daughter loved it so much she downloaded the soundtrack as soon as we got home. Been home about 5 days now and she won't stop singing the songs.
  4. Just off of the Breakaway. Ordered Mocktails for my kids all week and I can't think of once that we were even asked for a card. Certainly never paid for one. I just figured they were complimentary. Reading some of these replies, I'm hoping the bartenders didn't get in trouble.
  5. Just got off of the ship last Saturday. Plan on posting a mini-review, but life has gotten in the way. We did not eat in the MDR so can't answer that question. I will say we loved all of the specialty restaurants that we went to. We went to Teppnyaki, Moderno, Cagney's and La Cucina. Had to roll me out of each of them. We also had dinner at O'Sheahan's one night. I was nervous because of all of the bad reviews I had read about the service, but we had great service. Were in and out in under an hour. There were comedians and a magician in the theater on a couple of nights. The band at Syd Norman's was outstanding. Well, there were two. One was outstanding. The other not so much. The only problem is you need to get there early if you want a seat. They usually had karaoke before the band so we would go watch the karaoke to make sure we had a seat for the band. I feel like they were the best entertainment on the ship. Let me know if you have any other questions while it's fresh in my mind.
  6. We were very skeptical the first time we went on Celebrity, but had the best time. The only reason we went is because all of the other friends we met on the cruise were going. I said I would go for 30 minutes. I hate dancing and had no problem "dancing" for the entire party which made my wife happy. I was sad went the night was over. I'm hoping they have it on our NCL cruise in a couple weeks.
  7. I love this. My wife and I try to do this on every cruise that we don't have the kids with us. The nap in the middle is key and always have to time it right to catch all of the bars when they're open.
  8. Had one on the Celebrity Eclipse a few years ago where we hit I think 10 bars. Had to time it right to hit the right ones when they were open obviously. The whole group certainly didn't make it all the way to the Sky Lounge, but I think everyone had a great time. We even ate at the buffet in the middle. Not sure who planned it, but they did a great job. Most of the bars had drinks ready for us when we got there. 4-5 bars is probably a better number for the masses, but I would certainly do a 10 bar crawl again. Made some friends for life that day.
  9. The first cruise that my wife and I took was on Pride of America where they don't offer drink packages. We had strictly done All-inclusive resorts prior to that cruise. Our bill at the end was over $1,200, 90% of which was for drinks. At the time it was quite a shock to the system at a stage in our lives when coming up with that kind of money was more difficult than now. Anyways, at that point we decided only cruises with drink packages from that point forward. Much easier to budget in advance as it's easy to get carried away once you're on vacation. Also, I like knowing what the drink packages cost on all of the lines so we can factor that into our purchase decision. Oh, and I don't mind if anyone judges me :).
  10. I guess that was my assumption since the previous cruise ends the day before in another city. I looked up Breakaway cruises and there isn't anything listed in between.
  11. I apologize if this has been asked before, but I was having trouble finding any info. We are cruising the Breakaway over Thanksgiving. The cruise before ours ends on a Friday in Miami. Ours begins the next day in Port Canaveral. The ship will supposedly be arriving without any passengers. Does anyone know if this means we will get to board early, if our rooms will be ready earlier, etc? Any info would be much appreciated.
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