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  1. How would they know if you are restocking OR just buying soda for the rest of the cruise? We have purchased soda at ports and nothing has ever been said. Now booze is a different story.
  2. But how will you know that people have been vaccinated? Their word of honor? people have boarded a ship sick claiming they are OK. IF vaccination are to be required to cruise then PROOF of vaccination needs to be provided. THAT is the issue. How can you (or should you) prove you have been vaccinated prior to boarding??
  3. Our cruise is the last of November 2021. Carnival is still telling us it will cruise BUT they cut it from 15 to 14 nights for some reason. I wonder how the change of 7 night maximum to 14 is going to work? Maybe I should just get my money back and wait until next year to rebook. I am worried.
  4. We are planning on taking a b2b cruise to Alaska in June of 2022. Would there be an issue with an ocean view cabin vs a balcony? We usually do balcony but with our plan to do a b2b on the Alaska cruise and there is over a $2,000 dollar difference in cabin selection. I can put that towards another cruise. BUT, if OV is terrible, I may just bite the bullet. I know on the Miracle you can be on Lido since its closed but what are your Thoughts on cabin choices for an Alaskan cruise???
  5. We were on the November 28, 2020 out of San Diego to Hawaii but opted to move to November 27, 2021. I got the exact same cabin and will shoot for the same hotels I cancelled. Praying 2021 will be much safer than 2020. This year sucks and at our age we are not gonna chance it.
  6. So what you are saying is that they will let me pay the cruise OFF (my money) knowing that they are planning to cancel and then they will keep my money as long as THEY can. And you feel sorry for THEM? This is bad business for us but works well for them. And IF I cancel prior to final payment they will keep my deposit even knowing they are going to cancel my cruise. Yeah, that seems real fair to me. Either way I lose. I can lose it now or lose use of my money later. Got it. Way to go cruise lines.
  7. We moved from this Nov 28, 2020 cruise to the same time next year of November 27, 2021. I am not sure 2020 will sail and I didn't want to invest additional time and dollars on a hope in 2020. Got the same ship and cabin but the rate was a bit higher. Good luck and please come back with a review.
  8. I like this idea! I can play for a while others tour the Quarters and get free parking! Yep. This sounds too good to be true.
  9. For parking is it a flat fee for the day or by the hour? I plan to spend the day in the FQ site seeing.
  10. We are staying at a hotel in Kenner, near the airport on Veterans Blvd for 2 days prior to our cruise. Anyone knows if you can take public transportation from Kenner, near Williams and Veterans Blvd, that will get us near a trolley or into the French Quarters? OR if we drive into the Quarters is there good parking? I keep hearing that parking is difficult downtown. There will be 2 adults and 3 kids from 3 to 10.
  11. Dont let me forget the land wedding and at sea renewal were 2 weeks apart. It drove me crazy with planning but it was all worth it.
  12. Our situation was a bit different. Our daughter had 2 weddings. One on land that we paid for and then a vow renewal type marriage on the ship. She always wanted to get married on a ship BUT the majority of those invited could not make it. Therefore we did one here at a hall where they were actually married (160 people) and then the vow renewal service, performed by the Captain, on the Elation and 28 people. I can say it was beautiful! They did the renewal ceremony, but like a wedding, at sea in the Library. They worked with us to give her the wedding (for a second time) that she wanted
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