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  1. They don't keep it. It's a temp id paper that has all the info of an id and their picture and that it was issued by a government agency and legal.
  2. Hello, Boarding liberty in less than a month and just found out that my parents need to renew their ID yes we should have got passports but we didn't. Anyways the I D they don't get right away, like before, instead of goes to the state office and then something happens and then they get it like 2 weeks 3 weeks later. so instead they get a piece of paper with their picture and their identification information. it's literally like a piece of paper. has anybody had this happen before and we're there any issues??? it does apparently say on it that this was issued from a government agency and this is a version of their ID. I am just a little worried and I could just be overreacting because it's so close and there's been so many issues that my family has ran into that I'm just hyperactive or preventive whatever lol, so any insight would be helpful
  3. Thank you for sharing ypur experience! I have been looking for more liberty videos
  4. Hello, it's been almost two years since we have been to freeport. Normally we take the jitney to our luycaya and either go to the free beach down the alleyway or go to grand luycan for day passes. Welp reading here found out the later is not an option but i was wonfering if the free beach/public access beach by the police station is still open. We don't really want to go further then that main area and are looking for a beach. Any other suggestions? Or is there a beach maybe not that much further away? [emoji312][emoji568][emoji572]next cruise: Carnival Liberty [emoji562] 12.9.18[emoji572][emoji568][emoji312]
  5. She has expressed interest in being around kids her age so me and her dad have been trying to get enough knowledge about 02. Thank you all for the feedback it does help with the nervous feeling lol. I wish they had a bit smaller gap 15 compared to those about to be 18. [emoji312][emoji568][emoji572]next cruise: Carnival Liberty [emoji562] 12.9.18[emoji572][emoji568][emoji312]
  6. Hello all. Our cruise is coming up seeeemiii shortly least for me in December. We will have my bfs daughter who is 15. My question is for those with teens around this age did you let them go to club 02.. Why or why not. Those that had teens that went what was the opinions from your teens of 02? My concern is the youtube vidoes semi recently of more adult like behavior going on in club 02. I know this varies cruise to cruise but i am just a bit worried it maybe more older kids closer to 18 then i am comfortable with. (Overconcerned maybe to be step parent thats me lol). [emoji312][emoji568][emoji572]next cruise: Carnival Liberty [emoji562] 12.9.18[emoji572][emoji568][emoji312]
  7. One of the cruised we took one year the waves were rough. Those of us predispositioned to motion sickness took medication 24 hrs ahead of time then again when on the ship. We also took ginger ale, crystallized ginger and soda crackers. That evening everyone took an hour nap and we all felt so much better. Taking a nap typically is what works the best for everyone i know and then ginger or soda crackers when awake to help with the nausea feeling. Goof luck! [emoji312][emoji568][emoji572]next cruise: Carnival Liberty [emoji562] 12.9.18[emoji572][emoji568][emoji312]
  8. Thank you all :). [emoji312][emoji568][emoji572]next cruise: Carnival Liberty [emoji562] 12.9.18[emoji572][emoji568][emoji312]
  9. I know this may seem silly but the bcs i have are from 2012 and the raised seal on the one for my bf is a bit worn. Does anyone ever update their copy after a few years just in case?? [emoji312][emoji568][emoji572]next cruise: Carnival Liberty [emoji562] 12.9.18[emoji572][emoji568][emoji312]
  10. Lol my sister, mom and gma had offers too for same cruise. Theirs was interior to balcony for 180 and the other two rooms oceanview to balcony for 180 and 280. Only my sister took the upgrade. My parents laughed at it since it wouldn't save them anything I wouldn't take it just due to what is above. [emoji312][emoji568][emoji572]next cruise: Carnival Liberty [emoji562] 12.9.18[emoji572][emoji568][emoji312]
  11. My mom recieved one , my sister and my grandmother all for the dame cruise Carnival liberty 12.9.18. My parents are two to a room so theirs was from an ocean view to balcony for $280. My sister and gma both are single rm holders and offered on both emails upgrade for $180 my sister for oceanview to balcony which she took..only saved her $70 from reg price and my gma inside cabin to balcony which she didn't take. Kinda crappy offers it seems anymore. [emoji312][emoji568][emoji572]next cruise: Carnival Liberty [emoji562] 12.9.18[emoji572][emoji568][emoji312]
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