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  1. triptolemus

    Couple of questions for those in the know!

    Single fee per phone, no hidden charges. No mini bar included with UBP. Dining reservations open up at 90 days out, 100 days for suites. There are no reservations for entertainment on Dawn.
  2. triptolemus

    Led lights on balcony

    Step #2A - answer the phone when the bridge calls.
  3. triptolemus

    Princess LTE fee is a rip off

    With ya. nano ftw
  4. triptolemus

    Refunds for re-routed cruises

    If you are before final payment, sure. Otherwise, no.
  5. So you want to ignore the most pertinent response and just have a pity party?
  6. triptolemus

    Princess LTE fee is a rip off

    I realize that.
  7. triptolemus

    Princess LTE fee is a rip off

    No it isn't. Disabling Data disables just cellular data, but still leaves wifi, Bluetooth, cellular telephone and SMS active. Turning on Airplane Mode disables all of those those plus cellular data. So turning on Airplane Mode then enabling wifi is NOT the same as disabling data.
  8. triptolemus

    Princess LTE fee is a rip off

    In some cases they could be in violation of local regulations. It could also be the ship's cell tower is licensed or otherwise approved to operate in a given region. In the US, it would be the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) which licenses radio frequency spectrum within the US. In Cozumel, it would be the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation of Mexico. It's entirely possible that the ship's tower is licensed to operate in that region. I'm not going to go look it up...
  9. triptolemus

    Thinking of cancelling

    And you all think that I'm a jerk... :cool:
  10. Begin here: https://www.ncl.com/freestyle-cruise/cruise-travel-documents#age-requirements
  11. triptolemus

    Port of Miami - slightly delayed

    According to Marine Traffic, Escape is due back to Miami Sep 13 2017 0500 local time.
  12. triptolemus

    Ncl groundlink

    We use GroundLink. They seem to get a bad rap around here for some reason... maybe because their prices are a little higher than others. Personally, I'm not always looking for cheap. Service and reliability are important factors for me, and in those departments, GroundLink is 100%. If cheap is the priority, than a car service is not the answer.
  13. triptolemus

    Good deed never goes unpunished - inflammatory headline

    That's not what gouging means. Gouging is raising prices to the extreme during a specific period of high demand. Those -- for the record -- are NCL's normal prices. And its Aquafina, not Dasani. The NY Post are a bunch of sensationalist idiots.
  14. triptolemus

    Question about upgrade bids & check-in

    Checking in links your reservation number (not cabin number) to the information provided during check in. I usually complete the check-in process right after booking and have changed cabins many times after having done so. It makes no difference then, and probably makes no difference to the upgrade process either.