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  1. Pacific Explorer has delayed leaving from Cairns. We think all Chinese passports holders are being disembarked due to Singapore banning Chinese from entering. Will report when we know for sure. Edited to confirm the above post that was entered at the same time
  2. Currently sitting in Gladstone Harbour on the explorer after enjoying the in room breakfast for this package (extra mini champagnes saved for later). The credit was just added to our account to spend as wished so it was no problem. So far have loved having this. Thanks for the recommendation. As another note there has been a steam leak in the engine room which has caused the engines to me shut to minimum. We have tugs securing us from the channel to the harbour. Who knows if we will get into port. Ah well the pool is still wet and drinks are being served
  3. I was thinking of adding this package but I asked the Live Chat on the website and they said that $120 you get as credit for the meal section was to be used in ONE visit unless arranged on board to split it. But you describe it as "On Board Credit". How was it handled on board and can you in fact use it on several visits? I say this as because we wouldn't (and probably couldn't) spend $120 in one visit to either of these two restaurants.
  4. Think you may have your Explorers mixed up. This thread is about the "Pacific Explorer" not the RCL "Explorer of the Seas". Easy enough to do.
  5. When they drydock they often do some refurbishments and/or repairs and I would love to know what they had planned. Quite often the Crusieline actively promotes these changes but this time I can find nothing. The main reason is that sometimes when they do these things it effect the cruises either side with pre or post work be done while cruising. I was thinking of booking one of these cruises hence the interest.
  6. The Pacific Explorer sail from Sydney and arrives in Singapore on the 11th of Feburary. The next cruise i can find is her Sailing from Singapore back to Sydney on the 28th of February. What is she doing during that 17 days. I have searched but cant find any info on refurbishing or dry dock. Anybody know or have a link to the information?
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