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  1. north49th

    Eggs with Brown Shells

    Regarding the white vs brown shells, no comment. Regarding which came first... the chicken or the egg, the Smithsonian solved that years ago. Problem Solved: The Egg Came First: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/problem-solved-the-egg-came-first-6910803/?no-ist= Now, on to the more complex question... If oranges smell like chicken, why are tomatoes blue? Think about it!
  2. Hey Kevin, I've been enjoying your review. FYI, due to the HeartBleed fiasco, CRA has extended the filing deadline to May5th. You have loads of time:D
  3. north49th

    Finally, Pics of 10 Jan sailing Equinox

    Absolutely beautiful shots, thanks for sharing! I was on the same cruise and noticed you taking pictures a few times. I'm now sorry I didn't introduce myself. I too am an photography enthusiast, although an old timer who still misses the magic of film and the feel of developer, stop and fix on their hands :) Thanks again for sharing.
  4. north49th

    Ranking the Celebrity Ships

    1) Eclipse 2) Reflection 9) Equinox JMHO
  5. Hey JW, We loved the video, too funny! You're on the Equinox in November? What sailing? We sailed the Equinox this past January on a 10 day and for my GF and I, we felt it was a Celebrity jumping the shark experience for us. That being said, we think if you and Jerome are on board, we are willing to book her again. I'm sure you could possibly make a shark jump backwards :) Thanks for posting!
  6. north49th

    back from Equinox 01-20-2014 with tips

    We were on the 1-10-2014 to 1-20-2014 Ultimate Caribbean Cruise, we were leaving as you were arriving ;-) We 100% agree about the older demographic. We have done two February 7 day cruises on the Eclipse and Reflection and quite frankly, we were a little disappointed with our experience on the Equinox. We figured maybe the January time frame, maybe the cruise length had something to do with the older crowd. PLEASE don't take my comment as slagging older cruisers, throughout the 10 days on board we met and thoroughly enjoyed the company of many 70+ cruisers who put us 50's to shame when it came to energy and enjoying life. Overall though, we felt the ship atmosphere was a bit sedate. For example there were nights when we passed the Molecular Bar and the Martini Bar and they were pretty quiet compared to past experiences of standing room only. Add to this Celebrity's cutbacks on live musical entertainment meant we felt the ship didn't have that upbeat vibe we experienced in the past. For the most part the ship seemed to be in great shape but some areas, especially little things in our stateroom, are getting a bit tired. If we were first time Celebrity cruisers we wouldn't have been impressed with the blue info binder held together with layers of scotch tape, worn out port magazines and coating flaking off of balcony recliners. Overall, we had a great cruise. Just not as great as the previous two. If I can add a few highlights / hints they would be: 1) Introduce yourself to Iaroslav at Café al Bacio early in your cruise. He'll take good care of you! He's a great guy. 2) Get to know Bozho (Bo) at the Sunset Bar and Passport Lounge. He's a very impressive bright gentleman. Like Iaroslav, he kind of makes you wonder why he's working for a cruise line. Hint Hint... if you are relaxing at the Sunset Bar and like Daiquiri's and Bo is serving, ask him for his "special" Raspberry Daiquiri. He'll sub mellower xx+ proof ingredients that won't knock you out after one or two. My GF called them BoDaiquiri's ;-) Great way to sip away the afternoon on sea days watching the wake! 3) No matter how tired or sleepy you are, be prepared to smile broadly if you encounter Rabinger (spelling?) in the Oceanview Cafe for breakfast. He may be small in stature but he's a spark plug of positive energy. It's entertaining watching him work the room. These are just our opinions. We're not trying to be negative. Just sharing what we honestly felt.
  7. north49th

    Disembarkation question

    We enjoyed a coffee and muffin at Café al Bacio around 9:30ish before we disembarked the Equinox around 9:50 - 10:00 on Jan 20.
  8. north49th

    Ft Lauderdale Lodging

    Not sure what you consider "reasonable" but, we recently stayed at the Hampton Inn Fort Lauderdale Airport North Cruise Port and were very happy. We flew into FFL but I believe they provide complimentary parking (call them to check). They are located 3 miles from the port and offer free shuttle services to/from the airport and cruise port. The hotel is located next to a small strip mall where you can pick up last minute incidentals. There are numerous dining options in the area as well. The complimentary breakfast is better than most other places we've stayed. The GM, David, is a great guy. Very customer service oriented. We'll stay there again when cruising out of Port Everglades. JMHO:) Sorry if this post breaks any forum rules.
  9. north49th

    Sorry Newbie Questions

    Your questions have already been answered so, if I may, I'll add a little advice from a relatively "new" Celebrity cruiser. 1) Easy to say but hard to do but, when you first board and get your glass of bubbly, take a deep breath, relax, don't feel rushed to do everything right away and enjoy the moment. Wonder around and take in the thrill of being on a beautiful ship. 2) If you have any questions, ask fellow cruisers or Celebrity staff. Everything on a first cruise can be unfamiliar and overwhelming at times. We prepaid drink packages and gratuities on our first cruise. I checked our account half way through the cruise and saw OBC $100. I thought it was a service charge or something. It wasn't until I got home that I realized we left $100 on the table. Never used it ;-)) 3) Register a credit card on your account when you get your boarding pass. It beats being detained trying to leave at the end of the trip due to an outstanding balance. You can always dispute erroneous charges later. 4) see point 1
  10. north49th

    Absolutely great Eclipse

    My first cruise was on the Eclipse in Feb. 2012, she ruined me for any future cruise. Enjoy every minute on Her, She's a special lady! We were on the Reflection this past Feb and I watched Her pull out of port in Sint Maarten... She was tugging at my heart as She left.
  11. north49th

    Phone calls on board

    Hi Alex, As others have said, there are quite a few wifi hotspots in SXM. At the most it may cost the price of a beer at a bar along the beach to use their connection. If you're taking your phone I suggest you check out http://www.fongo.com. They have Android and iPhone apps. It's a free service that gives you unlimited calling back to Canada. You can even set up a local (Montreal) phone number for folks to leave you voice messages (free as well). They make their money selling optional add-on services. I'm not affiliated with them, just a big fan of the service. We've used it for calling home from St.Kitts, St. Maarten, USA and England without issue. FYI
  12. north49th

    Silk Harves Menu question

    Got it. Thanks Jacs.
  13. north49th

    Silk Harves Menu question

    There's no such thing as a stupid question... right? We're booked on the Jan 10 2014 Equinox 10 night cruise and I was thinking of booking a few specialty restaurants on formal nights. Looking at the Silk Harvest menu they have "small plates" and "large plates"? Are the small plates items each diner can personalize their shared large plates with OR are they appetizers before you order shared "large plates" OR...? Signed, Confused :(
  14. I was with you until I saw how the Supreme cruiser cruises...
  15. Great review Gambee! The Sony's Nex line of cameras are quite nice. I have played around with a friends Nex 5. You're probably already aware of techniques for shooting into back lit scenes (ex. into the sun). If you already know this stuff, forgive me if I'm stating the obvious. You have three options. 1) shoot in manual mode and expose for the main subject; 2) shoot in S, A or automatic modes and adjust your EV +1, 2 or 3 (depending upon background light intensity); 3) use your cameras built in HDR capabilities. Options 1 and 2 will blow out (over expose) your background. Option 3 is the easiest way to do it. I quickly scanned the Nex 3 manual online and your camera set to Superior Auto Mode should automatically recognize the situation and shoot in HDR (High Dynamic Range). Basically, using HDR, when you press shutter release, your camera takes multiple shots under, properly and over exposed and blends them together for a balanced image. FWIW :) Looking forward to the rest of your review :p