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  1. We have spent a few nights at both the Avenida Palace and the Britannia Hotel. We were very pleased with both. I should mention, however, that the Britannia is not very close to the Avenida Palace. They are a brisk 15 minutes walk apart.
  2. Tips to bar staff, like that to other crew members, can be charged to your on board account, using any remaining on board credit.
  3. We were very dissatisfied with the service on our Viking Ocean Cruise, and we decreased the gratuities commensurate with our disappointment with the service.
  4. We used Luggage Foreword on a Crystal cruise from Amsterdam to New York. The whole process was flawless, and our baggage was waiting in our cabin when we embarked in Amsterdam.
  5. Viking lost our on board credit. Our travel agent had provided obc to us on over 25 cruises with other cruise lines without a problem. With Viking, it somehow disappeared.
  6. We had the same experience at FLL in December, a GO line with no one checking cards, no faster than any other line.
  7. Norman Island is only about a one to two hour sail from Road Town with a small sail boat. I have done it many times. It should be much faster on the Wind Surf.
  8. We were very disappointed with the service on our Viking Ocean Cruise. We expressed our displeasure, asked that our gratuity level be significantly reduced, and it was done as we requested.
  9. Unless the system has been changed, you simply order them from your stewardess. At one time, an order form was left in your cabin, but I believe that has been discontinued.
  10. For comparison, a few years ago we did a cruise on another cruise line, terminating in Sydney. We found a cooking school that we could attend a day after disembarkation, and we made reservations on line. It seemed pricey at about $100 per person, but we decided to splurge. On the ship, they announced that they were able to offer that same cooking school experience as an excursion for only $430 per person! The cooking school was great, definitely worth $100
  11. The lunch at the Vintage Room was offered on several occasions on our recent Baltic cruise. Unfortunately, there were no open slots on the days we requested.
  12. I agree that the book is excellent. Only one minor correction, the issue was controlling yellow fever, not malaria. If you are concerned, it is relatively easy, although not inexpensive to get yellow fever vaccine. We had to have it for a recent Amazon cruise. It is really not an issue for a Panama Canal cruise today.
  13. A few years ago we spent ten days in Germany, followed by a train trip to Amsterdam and a cruise from there to NYC. Because of the varying dress ashore and on the cruise, we needed to take three rather large (not massive) roller bags. We could barely manage two bags on the trains, so we shipped the third with Luggage Forward. Fed Ex picked up the third bag at our home before we left the USA, and it was sitting on the bed in our stateroom when we boarded the ship. The price was $250, worth every penny, IMHO. We do not do this routinely, and have not used the service before or since. In this case, it was very helpful.
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