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  1. We have only sailed on Carnival but have found an awesome deal on Royal Caribbean's Enchantment of the Seas. Carnival Valor or Enchantment of the seas??? Pro's and con's? Help!
  2. So you are carrying them all for your group? My husband and I wanted to put our 2-12 packs in his carryone and was checking to make sure that it's ok for him to carry mine???
  3. I understand that each person is allowed to take in a 12 pack of cokes. Will they allow my husband to have both his and my 12 pack in his carry on?
  4. thank you SO much! I just sent an email to the website you sent! Have a blessed day!
  5. Do you happen to have Bobbie's email address? Thank you so much!
  6. Has anyone seen or bought Linzess in Cozumel?
  7. Do most people decorate their doors now? This is my first cruise in many years, and last time I cruised, it was a cute rarity to see a decorated door. I don't want to be the only one not decorating LOL
  8. We will be sailing out on the Valor on the 29th, SO ready! How is the specialty coffee bar? How are the prices?
  9. Thanks for the information yall. It looks as though the entrees are bigger on the steakhouse.
  10. Can you order more than one entrée at the steakhouse? We are sailing out on the Valor.
  11. I usually wear my bathing suit and she works around it. I love the massage on the beach, its the only reason I get off the boat in Progresso! We are going in April and looking forward to that massage!
  12. We've always just taken the bus (there are everywhere) down to the beach area where there is shops and restaurants. There are ladies with tents set up to do massages (very cheap) we always enjoy that. the beach is not great at all!
  13. Thanks for your help! We are going to try it. Hopefully it won't be a problem. Not everyone drinks alcohol! lol
  14. I can't either. We don't drink wine, but do enjoy drinking the sparkling grape juice.
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